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Monday, January 31, 2011

A VERY long day!

Taking a picture with Ronald - as she said, hey a clown!
The check-in area at Shriner's

At the 4th floor clinic, talking to daddy and Victoria

Coloring while we wait for the  Dr's

Getting measured by Dr vB and a resident
Then off to x-ray for MANY MANY pictures

She had me take this pic for Danny

Then we saw Dr vB and he sent us for another X-ray and to orthotics!!

Waiting for her improved AFO's and a new shoe lift

Watching the volunteers make dinner! bbq!
We left the RMH at 8:00 this morning and got back at 4:00!! We met with Dr vanBosse 3 x's today!! He is so wonderful! Thank heavens I had granola bars, fruit chews and raisins! Everything moved so efficiently, we never waited very long anywhere. Dr vB was actually interested in her UA X-rays, we left them so he could copy them. He took 13 different X-rays, he took so many measurements, we got her AFO's adjusted and a new lift put on her shoe.
We discovered lots of things today. We have a new plan and are so so so happy we came here!! Gerri will start her casting again, we are going to wait till we get home from our annual family vacation. As of right now we will be here for 4 Fridays in a row in March. We are also on the list to plan her surgery, she will need another hip surgery, old hardware out, hip osteomy needs to be redone, and both feet will need surgery to fix the bones. We hope to be able to do the surgery at one time, the hip surgery will require a full cast, mid body down to her toes for 6 weeks!!!
Dr vB was very diplomatic about our previous ortho Dr. He even dictated a letter to thank her :)
I did flat out ask if she should have had full leg casts after the surgery and tibia break and he said yes.
We also discovered that Gerri has mild scoliosis, luckily not severe.
We told Gerri about the casts, but she has not been told about the surgeries. We will wait till we know when it is scheduled and then sit down and talk. Very different plan than our previous Dr who wanted to wait a couple of months to see us.
Gerri was very tired from all the moving around. The adjustments to her AFO's were bothering her feet. I had no idea till I noticed how quiet she was and saw the tears in her eyes. It just kills me that she can not tell us when she is hurting :( I did not bring any kids medicines :(
We talked to home several times today, thank heavens she can not spell :)
We had an awesome BBQ meal tonight at RMH, Gerri was whipped so we got a DVD and brought it to the room, she had a bath and fell asleep within minutes!!
We have to get up very early tomorrow to get to the airport! We are praying the sleet/snow hold off!!
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!!!


Jill said...

Wow!!! What a day! But it sounds like you got the answers you needed. Sounds like a long road ahead for Gerri. I'll keep all of you in my prayers. God is good - all of the time. :-)

Cindy said...

You know you are all in our prayers too! I'm so happy you're at RMH and getting great care! We'll be with you in spirit and prayers over this next few months as you move forward. Even though sounds like much to come - so much progress has been made and soon another few months will be over and even more stides! Gerri is one tough little girl - I'm so very proud of her - and you too Mom :-)

Sally-Girl! said...

Gulp!!! What a lot to take in!! Reminds me of the first Shriners appt we had with Bryson. Call if you want to just talk it out! Wish we lived closer so we could support each other better!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Maybe she's afraid to tell you about her pain, because the broken tibia caused some frustrations, due to you not knowing she had a broken leg! Poor sweet girl! I think it was nice for to have a "girls trip", just the two of you!