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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

huh? what??

A little sisterly love :)

So what did everyone else do today?? I spent 2 hours at the oral surgeon! They were nice enough to call me to ask if I wanted to come in earlier as they had an opening, well, absolutely, why not?!?!? The Dr was very nice, I told him that I enjoyed root canals so much that I liked to have them done twice!
I plugged in my ipod touch and listened to tunes while he drilled and drilled and drilled.
He commented on how badly infected my tooth was. I actually had 2 abcesses. All I can say is that the smell when he opened up my tooth actually gagged me. He told me that I have to be very careful of the infection trying to move elsewhere, like to my gums. I am on a strong antibiotic and strong pain pill. My face was actually numb all the way up to my left eye, including my left nostril! the kids thought it was pretty funny....
So I would like to say sorry to any of my families that I have emailed with today, in case I did not make sense or asked for things over again  :) :)
I almost fell asleep helping Danny and Gerri with their homework :) I SO hope I can finally sleep!! They kept asking me to say different things and then they laugh when I try.

I did manage to call Shr*ners today to see about getting Gerri's evaluation appt scheduled, but because of snow the 1 person that does appts was not able to be at work, hopefully she will be able to make it tomorrow :)


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Bummer about your tooth! Praying for a quick recovery and NO spread of infection! (Forgot the "NO" part on my first try. :-))

Jill :-)