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Friday, January 14, 2011

bits of this and that!

We got a package in the mail from some TX friends!!

Look, mom!! It is SO soft!

Ripping open their dress up dolls!!

Wow, mom! how cool is this!

Thank you Ms Shelley!!!

Don't even ask how long it took Dan, Danny and I to do this!!!

We had to call Se*rs service since our ice maker was not working. The kids loved watching him!

Turns out there is a service bulletin out for the lights burning and melting!!! We did not even notice :)

It is cold enough so she can wear her new fluffy jacket!! Yes in the 30's!!

Last night while the boys were at cub scouts I gave Gerri a snip!!

OMG!!! She looks SO cute!! She loves it! She looks like a big girl now!

We also got our appointment for Shriners!!! Gerri has her evaluation appointment the end of the month!!
Let's hope there isn't too much snow!! We are STILL waiting on her walker attachments!! Let's not talk about that!
For those that have asked, Gerri has a leg length difference of about 2 inches. Her left hip is the one affected by her arthrogryposis and when she had surgery in Ukraine to put it back in the hip joint and have the bone graft done to create a hip socket she lost a good inch of leg length. She already had a leg length difference, but now it is worse. Since her feet are not quiet flat that adds a little to the difference too.
Hopefully the Dr at Shriners will give us more information about what we can do. We are pretty sure she will need more casting for her feet :(  We shall see!!


Jodi said...

cute pics :) Of course now Michael wants one of those Metabots! 83 pcs.....maybe we'll wait ;)

Jodi said...

Oh, and that haircut is just adorable!!