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Monday, January 17, 2011

A long weekend!

Danny needed his hair cut and would not do it for Dan so I took him and made him do it!!

We celebrated by heading to BK and Gerri was SO excited to be able to go into the climbing structure!!

She made it all the way to the TOP!!

She climbed all over! and had so much fun!!

She used her entire body! and stood a lot!!

Proof the others were there too :) They ran and ran!

Gerri and Victoria together briefly!

We then spent time with playdoh - making cakes and cupcakes!

It has been rainy and yucky all weekend!! That so stinks when the kids are off school for 4 days!! Hopefully the library will be open tomorrow! :) AND we won't even speak about the Patriots!! !#@$^%$^*&^&


Jo's Corner said...

I never told you that I got your Christmas card! It is on my fridge and I smile every time I see those sweet faces! Thank You! Oh, and the haircut is just darling!!

Jennifer said...

You guys always have so much fun!!!