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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

"We" are happy that holiday vacation is ending :) School starts on Monday!!!
The kids made their Stuffasauraus they got for christmas from auntie!

Danny was very intent!

The weather has gotten SO much nicer!! in the mid 60's :)
It is a whole new world for Gerri being upright!

They do work as a team!

First time Gerri felt strong and stable enough to stand in the trampoline!

They went on a walkabout :)

Gerri made her fireplace kit

Very cute!

I took the girls to the library!
Man - did I mention they like pink :) 

Danny and daddy used his new BB gun!!
He did really well!

Daddy popping open the kids sparkling grape juice and our champagne
It is tradition to have chinese food for new years at our house!

Then - sparklers!!

Then pj party with their new pillow pets!!!
I hope everyone had a happy healthy new year!!!
Here's to a very happy and healthy new year for ALL of us!!!


Jennifer said...

You guys always have so much fun! I want to come to your house and hang out :)
Happy New Year!!

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

You DO always have so much fun!! Your house always looks so warm and happy!! And, you take pictures in multiple rooms unlike our requisite family room couch photos. :) I love the photos of Gerri's birthday too!! She got some great gifts! And, your kids always look so happy together. Victoria looks like she helps Gerri alot, and Danny looks like a good big brother. :)

Happy New Year!!!! And, I promise I asked for your address for a reason. I just haven't gotten around to it! :)