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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Gerri!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Nana gave her makeup!!! oh heaven!
Both girls got makeup and a bag!
Princess!! how did you know??
Grammy and Grampy gave me clothes!!!
AND fairy shoes!!!
A family present!!
Mommy, Can I help her open it??
This is a princess projection table, they all LOVE it!
you trace the picture and then color it in
Just what I always wanted!!! my own lap desk!!
She got her adoption video too!!
Daddy obviously needed some lipstick :) :)
Torri modeling her Dora earmuffs!
Danny playing with his other big present - real walkie talkies!!
Danny and Gerri made these snowmen in art
Auntie Denise sent some cool stuff!!
Creat a picture with stickers!
a paper doll book!
Auntie Carla sent clothes!!
Her cousins made a birthday card!!
a new bathing suite and really soft socks!
Gerri had a birthday that went on for 3 days :)
She is SO excited to be 7!!
Love you sweetie!!!


Jane said...

ADORABLE photos!


From The Michaud Family

Mel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gerri!!!! Wow...Nancy... can you SEE the difference in your sweetie? She is seriously changing right before our eyes!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!