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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decorations! check!

Danny made a paper chain at school to count the days till Christmas!

The kids and I decorated the tree :)

The stockings were hung with care - I did it :)

We relaxed outside from all our hard work, the sun was out and it warmed up to mid 60's!!
We finally finished off the halloween popcorm balls

Danny made a campfire for us :)

Gerri started walking again this weekend, it has been 3 weeks since surgery and she was SO afraid to put any weight on her feet. I finally had to tell her that she HAD to do it since her casts are coming off on Tuesday. She did it!! Her little arms and legs were shaking!!
Every day she gets a bit better.

Gerri and daddy bonding - still a work in progress

After relaxing we did the outside lights too! Gerri could not wait till it got dark so we could go out and see them!

Auntie Neesie sent her gifts already!! There were 2 to be opened now :)

Thank you Auntie!! Ornaments to decorate an pictures to paint!!!!

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Faith for Hope said...

I love to see your kiddos together. Gerri and Victoria seem to be 2 peas in a pod. = ) Hope Gerri doesn't have an excitement overload when she sees the whole neighborhood lit up! LOL I always love your post... helps me understand the little everyday things we may face once we bring our little one home. Things we don't think much about but that will be big to her. ~ Grace