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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cookies Cookies Cookies!

The girls helped me make chocolate chip cookies :)
Yes, cookie dough is the BEST part of making cookies :)
Gerri was amazed when I handed them the beater to share!

Then Danny helped me make oatmeal cookies :)
Lots of math involved - but don't tell him!!

Then they made playdough cookies
Sunday was pj day all day :)

Then nana came over and we got the assembly line going!
Such great therapy in day to day activities!!

Here are out pnut butter and jelly cookies!!

Then it was time to make the cut out and decorate cookies
This is what nana's are for!! :)
We decided to hold off decorating till the next day.

Danny and Gerri have art camp 2 days a week during winter break!!
She was SO excited!!!

Danny LOVES art camp too!!

After dinner we let them decorate one cookie apiece:

What is a little bit of sugar just before bedtime!!!???!?!??!


Sally-Girl! said...

Danny is looking so grown up!!!

Got your great card today!!! Adorable!!

David and Carolyn said...

Isn't there a gadget on this blog for lonely Americans to grab a cookie button and eat it!! especially the one with all the frosting and sprinkles.. my favorite!
Love the happy smiles. what a good mama you are Nancy.