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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cub Scout Party!

First we had to do our Grinch christmas ornaments :)

thanks Auntie Neasie!!

Then we got dressed up for the christmas party!

Dan and I got to hold a 3 week old foster baby whose mom is from Ukraine!!
The kids were SO fascinated and all held her:)

This is what happens with blue frosting!!

The boys passed gifts around

Danny's den!

Very happy with his gift!

The girls opened their gifts

Their little friend Riley got hers too!
The girls with their barbie/princess gifts :)

We then took a ride to look at some local lights!!

They even have their lights coordinated with a radio station!!
The kids thought it was so cool

They got to open a small gift - ring pops!!

and a $1 puzzle :)

Victoria helped daddy clean out the fireplace!

and yes, it is cold here in Florida!! 38 degrees when I was out running errands!!

1 comment:

Jill said...

Very cute!

But you know, those would be so much prettier w/ some snow on the ground! LOL