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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birthday Party at P*mp it Up!

Victoria was invited to a birthday party for a boy in her preschool class.
 Luckily they had room for siblings, this was Gerri's first time :)

The kids were pretty good about sticking together, Danny is very protective

Then they tried the slippery slope!!

Gerri's first time climbing all the way up and then going down the slide!
She did not really like it the first time, but kept doing it and loved it!

Poor Danny so wanted to hula hoop, but the poor boy does not have the hips :)

The girls went up and down the slide SO many times!

Then they got to shoot plastic balls at the other kids!
Danny loved this part the most

Then shoot some hoops

I am king of the world!!

Then they raced each other in the obstacle course!
Gerri got lost in it the first time and I had to send the other 2 in to find her :)

She liked it!

Then she figured out how to use this scooter

Group picture - Victoria is not in it since she was sitting in my lap crying from the loud music :(

The birthday boy in his chair!

Settling in for cake!

Doing crafts!
Everyone had a good time and was SO tired when we left :)


Loren said...

Great physical therapy for Gerri!

David and Carolyn said...

How fun is that?!!! Hey we recognize the scooter that Gerri was on. They have those at Madeline's orphanage. We were just saying yesterday " I wonder if they sell those in the states". We saw another boy with arthro whizzing around on it. We thought Madeline would enjoy something like that. Looks like the day was a great hit for everyone.
Merry Christmas!
Carolyn and David

Jennifer said...

Oh what fun! Did you join in the fun and bounce and jump around??
That was so nice that Gerri and Danny could join in the fun.
Merry Christmas Sweetie!