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Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday activites in full force!!

We did our first gingerbread house!
This is the part I did :)

And then I had help!

The finished product

Then the Kindergarten class had a gingerbread house project :)

Ms V went with me to help (!!!)

Spread your frosting on the empty milk carton to stick the graham crackers and decorations on!

They were very proud of the job they did!
They used EVERY single piece of candy they had! (and didn't eat)

From decorating gingerbread houses we went to Danny's class to see his class play!
This is the only picture I took, just before the play started
Danny is 4th from the left. I did tape video the play, but will not post it. As soon as everyone had their pages to read Danny fell apart :( He covered his face with the folder and sobbed and cried. I thought he would calm down and just stand there, but no. I hoped he would remember how to calm himself down and then step up, but it didn't happen. We all tried to just ignore him hoping he would calm. One of the room mom's gave him a hankie and had him sit down. Finally the play ended and I walked over to him and asked him to come outside and relax. It took quite a while for him to calm enough to talk to me. He told me that he was ok till he looked out at all the people staring at him. It scared him so bad he just could not face them. I asked him if there was a better way to handle it and he said no. I asked him if he thought it would have been better if he could calm himself down and if he didn't want to read to everyone he could have just stood there and pretended to read with everyone else. I asked him if maybe he was being looked at because everyone wanted to know what was wrong and why didn't he just step out of the play once he couldn't calm down.
He just couldn't explain it, he was just stuck :(
I finally got him to where he was able to stop crying, relax and be able to face everyone. He went inside and told his teacher he was sorry and got a hug. Many of his classmates came to see if he was ok and he was very embarassed, I told him to say thank you.
His teacher taped one of their practice sessions and put it up on the screen and we got to see the whole play, along with Danny doing it fine!! So it was not a matter of him being able to do it, he just didn't have the confidence to do it in front of people.
We did get to sit down and have a nice lunch with everyone and then watch Rudolph.
He is still really out of sorts, this whole holiday out of routine thing is so very hard on him! :(

Victoria had her holiday party the next day
Santa came to hear their wish list!

Then we had a pizza party in her classroom!

Then she had her Christmas Program that night

What an angel!!

The whole crew - 2 yrs old thru 5 yrs old!
Sorry the video is blurry :(

You can't miss her dark halo of hair :)

My beautiful flowers from one of my RR families!! How Sweet!!
They are in UA right now adopting a beautiful sweet girl with arthro too!!

How is this for PT!! It took her a bit to figure out the feet and the knees but she did it!!!!


Amy said...

You should get her one of these! It would be great for her legs and balance, and its a great way to learn how to ride a bike!

Cindy said...

Too funny - I happened to click on your blog while Ira was building and decorating her gingerbread house - so I immediately showed her the pics of G,V & D decorating theirs! She said - hey how did they get a house just like mine???
Too cute! Kids of all ages have so much fun w/ the identical gingerbread kits!!! Ira remembered it fondly from last year - so it was a given to re-do this year! Great job Danny, Ms. V and Gerri!!
Merry Christmas!!!!