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Friday, December 3, 2010

Gerri's first time with holidays :)

Victoria did Dora's hair all by herself!

She even decorated the tree :)

Gerri showing her ability to stretch!!!

Poor baby - had to get her second flu shot :(

All the kindergarten classes had a craft day :)

Here is the craft :)

Here is her class all ready to go

She was so very diligent!!

The finished product - she was very happy with it.
She knows it is a gingerbread man, but doesn't really understand why they are doing it

We bought a bead kit and the girls had SO much fun!

Danny loved it too!

look who is standing and not even realizing it!

We had some christmas paint books :)

Then they opened up their advent calendars :)
We have a paper chain that we are using to count down till Christmas. She does not really understand all that is going on. Tomorrow we are taking out the decorations and putting up the tree. That ought to blow her mind!!! We just took out the christmas movies and they will start watching them. The kids love the music and I have been playing it in the car since before Thanksgiving. :) 


Jo's Corner said...

Every year I made a birthday cake for Jesus with my nieces and nephews. It brought even more meaning into the celebration. They still talk about it and now they do it with their children!
Ahh...memories! Treasure that first ornament! It will have such meaning to it in 20 years!
Nan, would you have your kids send a painting or drawing to me? Also, if you have a school picture that you could send for my "Good Thoughts Wall", I would love it! My hospice nurse came up with the idea! I'm getting many of the Reece's Rainbow kids that have come or are coming home! My home ad*ress is on my fa*ebook profile.
Have fun making NEW memories with your kiddo's! Hugs from VERY SNOWY MN.! ~ JO

Lauren Hubbard said...

Wow! Look at her go! I have been a lurker for a while :) and it is just so awesome to see her progress. Thanks for sharing your sweet family!
Lauren Hubbard

Faith for Hope said...

Gerri's doing awesome! She looks so eager to begin her gingerbread man. Praying that she will continue to adjust well. Can't wait to see her standing with out the casts! = ) Praying for you all. ~ Grace