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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Happy Day!

Just the other day we had a roaring fire going. Then we heard a crack and a boom and thought a piece of wood had dropped out of the fireplace. Upon closer examination we realized that it was not wood, but the tile trim around the fireplace surround. :(

So hubby had to get some caulking and duct tape :)

The girls with their jingle bells necklaces

We did not tell the kids that Nana had driven down this past weekend to her winter place which is about 30 minutes away :) :) We also did not tell them that she was coming to dinner!!
We have not seen her since June!!!!

Dan's buddy from up north stopped in on his way to SW FL. So we had a great time!!

Danny read his turkey poem for nana!!! 

After tubs Nana read a book to the kids!!

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Jennifer said...

What a nice surprise for the kids! Love the picture of Nana reading to the kids. How fun!!