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Monday, November 29, 2010

Last day of our visit :(

On the way to the airport we discovered their flight was delayed 2 hours, so we decided to go to lunch!
We went to my favorite place Chil*'s :)
Here are my boys :)

Here are the girls :)

While we ate Grammy gave the kids a little something!!

How cool are these watches!! Blue for Danny, Orange for Gerri and Pink for Victoria :)
We were all very sad to see them go home!! Each of the kids asked why can't they stay here :)
On our way to the airport we got a call from AT*T telling us a techinician was at our house trying to figure out why we did not have any phone service. Of course he said I can fix it if it is outside the house, but since you are not here I will have to reschedule if it is inside the house, which btw is extra $$. Since we have not have phone service since Thursday and no one told us that anyone was coming and I did have internet :) I just said Fine! We are at the airport and an hour away! When we got home he was still there :)
It was an outside issue and it was fixed :) :)

The good news is that nana started her long drive south to spend the winter at her place nearby!! The kids do not know that she will be here for dinner!!! shshshsh, don't tell them :)

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