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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cast #10!!

Laughing as always having her cast taken off :)

Not liking the saw noise

Looking good!!

Victoria took this picture of me massaging and stretching her legs and feet :)

Gerri's foot on the left and Victoria's on the right

Dr Moran loves to talk and play with the girls

Victoria was great at keeping Gerri occupied!

Light blue - the only color not done yet (and Doc's favorite color!)

Doc loves the girls :)

I had a brainstorm :) :)
I asked if we could come into the clinic the day before surgery to have them taken off so Gerri can have a real bath and scrub before surgery and casts for 3 weeks!! The Doc said YES!!
One week then we will go in to have them taken off :)
I explained that Gerri was afraid of surgery and why.
The doc was great and explained to Gerri that if mommy or daddy could not be with her then the doc would personally take her back. She then hugged and kissed Gerri and told her to relax that it would be alright!
We are so truly blessed to have this doctor!!


Jo's Corner said...

The blue casts are MY favorite, too! I'm thinking that both you and Gerri will be happy to was those little legs!! Oh, I just noticed how different she looks with her top teeth in! They were out when she came home, weren't they? Praying for a Peaceful pre-surgery and a pain free FAST recovery!!

Jill said...

Great idea to have the casts off for a day before the surgery! Praying all goes well! :-)

Sally-Girl! said...

I am giddy with excitement for you guys!!!!

Delahne said...

I'm so excited to see your progress! We're going to start castings in January. I'm grateful to you for sharing your journey and great information so we could follow the same path. Trusting for a great surgery and recovery!