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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 1!

Gerri didn't know quite what to do with having mommy and daddy to herself :)
I tried to stay up on the meds, got her to eat some noodle soup for lunch.
Danny brought a surprise home from school! Get well cards from all the kids in her class!!!
She was SO excited!!

Dan picked up Victoria from school, Her teacher said she had a great day and talked non stop about Gerri.
The house got real quiet for a bit so we had to search for her and found this:
She is asleep on our bedroom floor :)

Here are Gerri's meds: oxycodone, valium and ibrupr*fen

Showing off their new tshirts Nana sent from Hawaii!!

Here is our daughter on a hit of valium!! :)
Gerri is still really hurting :(
It hurts to move, to go potty, to sit up, to lay down.
I did get her to crack a smile or two :)
We told her it will just take a couple of days before she feels better.
She keeps saying her feet hurt :(

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Delahne said...

Hoping your night is better, and that she'll be back to herself soon.