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Saturday, May 28, 2011

OMG!!! Holy Cr*P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, after 1 1/2 weeks on the market and 3 showing we have a CONTRACT on our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND they want to close on July 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we are in shock!!
We ordered 2 P*DS, they are being delivered next week.
We plan on heading out before the closing so we are not driving on the holiday weekend.
We will rent a house for the summer while we look at houses to buy. We will try to rent near where we want to buy so we can start working with the new school system before school starts.
So the new journey has begun!!!!! I cannot believe we will be back in MA before July 4th!! Dan & I have been away for 15 years!!
2 weeks of school, 2 weeks of packing and coordinating everything and then we head out!!
oh, and Gerri has her surgery in Philly on July 1st!!
So we may have a quick detour!!
This is going to be a crazy couple of weeks!!

We went by to visit the boat, Dan was having withdrawals :) The new owners have had a red stripe painted all around and new red canvas put on. Dan said it is nice and shiny :)
The new owners left a really nice message on Dan's cell saying how happy they are with the boat and how thankful they are that we took such good care of it :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

stinky news and a year end party!

Playing at Ollie Koala's with the rest of her Prek class

Girl power!

HIT that shark!

Netting jellyfish!

Driving just like daddy!

Animal sounds


saying goodbye to her teachers!! tears!!

showing off her ticket purchase!! a money purse with princesses :)

then she decided she would make cookies :)

Now on to the stinky news :(
I got a call this morning just before we left for the party from Ms Mimi. The OR has taken our time back, they said there is not enough time for her procedure :( So we are back to our original surgery date of July 1st. There is a chance that we might move to June 21st, but we are waiting to see if another family is able to get their visa's first. SO it looks like she will be in casts till end of July :(
I was SO depressed for her.  Luckily we had not told her about the June 14th surgery date so she does not know that it has been moved. Of course now that her surgery isn't till July 1st we have to do a recast appt, so we will be back at clinic on June 10th!!
Ah well, it is what it is!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She can WALK!!!

waiting at the bus stop!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

We got a date!!!!!!

Setting up for the year end cub scout party!

We all got to go swimming!!
 The pool is fed by the spring in Green Cove Springs - so the water is a constant 78, which for us Floridians is COLD!!!!! But we all got in!

Warming up!!

Danny Loves to play with baby B :)
But the big news is that we have Gerri's tenotomies surgery date!!!! I called on Thursday to ask Ms Mimi if there was anything we could do about getting Gerri out of casts, I can tell she is getting depressed :( Ms Mimi said she had just heard about some OR time opening up and was working on getting us in - what timing! drum roll please!! It is June 14th! Another Dr gave up an hour of surgery time and Ms Mimi got us in!!!!
What this means is that we will head to Philly on June 13th, she will have her "quick" surgery (snip the tendon on the back of her foot) Dr vB will manuipulate her feet for the best position, she will get molded for her AFO's and then casts put on till her AFO's are ready. So that gives us an ending date for this round of casting!! Which means Gerri will be able to swim this summer!! She is SO excited about being done with casts :) as are all of us!!! It takes about 3 weeks for AFO's to be created then we head back to Philly, get the casts off and the AFO's on!!
The great thing is that school ends the Thursday before so she will not miss any more school time :)
It is outpatient surgery so we will come home the following morning :)
She has been getting up on her feet finally, we have had her going to school with only her walker. It has changed her outlook completely! She said everyone at school was SO amazed to see her upright and not in her wheelchair :) It has helped her get up faster than anything!
Now that we have her mobile I knew we would be having surgery again :( But hopefully getting done and being able to swim will give her lots of incentive!! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching up!!! CRAZY week!

Friday is visiting our neighbors day :)
Walking to the neighbors to visit :)

playing in the water table :)

Fitting triplets into the swing :)

then everyone wanted to play on the water table!
 We had a great time eating pizza and chillin!

Justin spinning one of the kids :) They LOVE it!!

He showed them how to do slinkies :)

Danny "read" a book :)
 Sunday Nana came over for dinner and puzzles :)

Nana had a hard time :)
 Nana has been packing for her move up north so she has been very busy!!
We will be behind her, who knows how long it will take!
I do NOT look forward to moving 3 kids, 2 dogs and our household all the way to MA!!
But we are looking forward to being near family again!!!!!
Burying St Joseph!! I took the picture so we would remember where we buried him :) :)
He worked when we sold our home 3 years ago and has been prominently displayed on our mantle since!!

It is official!! Here is the sign :)
It has been CRAZY getting the house ready to sell, we had to wait to list it till the boat sold. So Dan had been working on the boat while I was working on the house.
The realtor was very impressed with how great the curb appeal is as well as how clean the house is :)
Of course she did not open any drawers or cabinets :) :)
The kids are excited about going North, but also worried about the change. Especially Danny :( He does not do change well and we have tried to prepare him especially. We have him help as much as possible so he feels part of it. Between the boat being gone, his teacher going out on medical leave, school ending in 2 weeks, cubbies ending, cub scouts ending, the house being listed and everything being cleaned out, it has been tough :( He has been very emotional.
I hate not being able to control everything :)
The current plan is to see how things go, the realtor thinks it will be about 6 months to sell, we already have our first showing tomorrow :)
The kids and I may be heading up before school starts in September.  So we shall see.

Here is our listing :

Know anyone wanting to move to St Augustine?!?!?!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bye Bye Baby!!

We closed on the sale of our baby today - Nandan now has a new owner.
When we  bought it we had 1 child and were going to cruise all over :)  (hence the name of the blog!)
I was even going to home school :)
Amazing how things work out!
Here we are 4 years later, 2 more kids and NO time to do anything.
It just killed us to sit there unused. Every once in a while we went on a cruise, which reminded us why we love to be on the water.
She has a new owner that WILL live aboard and travel all over. They are SO excited.
So while we are sad to say goodbye, we are so happy that she will be part of someone elses dream!!

Cubbies is done for the year :)

Everyone getting in their seats

Cubbie showed up :)

Singing their Gospel fuzzies song :)" quality="high" scale="noscale" width="408" height="382" wmode="transparent" name="FLVPlayer" salign="LT" flashvars="&p=d835e03801d7835ae8b5c6&skin_id=701&host=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="">style="margin:0px;font:12px/13px verdana,arial,sans-serif;line-height:20px;padding-bottom:15px;width:408px;text-align:center;">" target="_blank" style="text-decoration:none;">Make video montages at

Lining up to get their award

Raising her hand as they call her name!

Very proud of her cubbie :)
 Danny also had his year end cubbie party!! Dan went since Ms V was sick :(
He had the camera and took ONE! picture:

Back home for a while!!

Monday am feet!!

Woo Hoo!!

We ended up being first up for Dr vB, as Dr Z was in a meeting

Playing in PT

So tired after recasting, during walker eval

We swapped out walkers for 1 with hand holds

We talked Dr Z into no cast!! getting a new splint - she gave her mermaid a body cast!

Waiting at the airport! We could not leave early as all the flights were booked :(

Victoria had so much fun with the new walker! This was easier than me carrying it!

Trying to stand!!

Got bored - so fell asleep!


A little boy trying to show them how to play pokemon :)
We have no idea of a surgery date, so currently we are in short casts till we can get in.
Our current plan is to go back beg of June to changeout casts.
It is very nice to be home!!
Gerri has been acting out quite a bit, making some really bad choices :(
I know she is tired of it all and I am happy we have some time off to focus on school and life.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Breakfast time playing :)

The volunteers brought us goodies!

Then we went to the aquarium!

Hippos just chillin'

Love this sing!! (Birds poop every 15 mintues, how long have you been standing here?)

Checking out the fish




Stingray bay


Girl Power!!

The Penguins

Riding a turtle

Face paint

woo hoo!

Two beautiful butterflies!!

We then went in to watch the 4d Dora and Diego Adventure!! So much fun

Looking across the river at Philly!


touching the jellyfish

flowers for the moms and mermaids for the girls :)

yes, it was a very tiring day


After a wonderful dinner the girls played and played with some other kids and then we went to the room to pass out!
I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I missed hubby and Danny, but they have had a great guy weekend.