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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Salon Day!!

Salon Day!! How amazing for kids with cancer, facial/skull deformities and RMH families!!

A little makeup!!

A tattoo!

Hair cut! (trim to fix my bad haircut)

Sweet Lena - from Ukraine!!

Then it was time for nails!! Sweet Zoya - from Ukraine!!

A goody bag!!

So so excited! and wound up!

New earrings and necklace! and hairband!

Mommy got a color, cut and eyebrow wax! Gerri was fascinated!

showing off a bit!

My blown out hair!!

being a goof after 4 hours at the salon, lots of wonderful people, food and fun!

We drove to downtown to chill

Penn's Landing and the waterfront

Love this mural! we could see it from the bridge

Calling home on the play phone to tell them about her day!!


Tracey S. said...

Omgoodness!! I am so excited you got to go to the Salon in Jenkintown! I was at RMDH in '09 for that day! It was such an amazing gift!

David and Carolyn said...

I'm soo glad you two are redeeming the time and having FUN!!! Love the doos and the big flower :)
Madeline says hi Gerri