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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Please Touch Museum!!

Breakfast and cartoons!

I got to hold Baby Monroe while her mommy ate! Do you like her bling from the girls?
Eat your heart out Tracey!! :) :)

The girls had SO much fun with the volunteers after breakfast

We watched Backyardigans, gained a friend :)
You can see Gerri's face - she was sore from our stretching!

A field with "wish flowers"
Victoria would run out and grab a bunch

Then they would both make wishes

and then BLOW!!

So much fun!!

water fun!! but the water was cold

The walking computer

playing together

making more music

and Sliding

tea with the Mad Hatter!!

cooking in the kitchen

Had to do some shopping!

the huge doll house!

fun riding the horses on the carousel

Telemundo PA was filming!!

Eating a snack on the stairs

Playing in the play room before dinner, Gerri is doing her stretches!
Had a great, busy day!! The girls had so much fun at the museum. Gerri enjoyed showing everything to Victoria, since she had seen it last week! I kept up on her pain reliever to keep her discomfort under control. I kept on her all day to focus on standing up, stretching out her knee, getting out of her chair. It was very noticeable how much better her knees were last night.
Tomorrow for Mother's Day we hare going to the Aquarium, they are doing a special for Mother's Day - only $10 each :)
Hope all you Mother's and Mothers-to-be  have a great day!!!!

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