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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching up!!! CRAZY week!

Friday is visiting our neighbors day :)
Walking to the neighbors to visit :)

playing in the water table :)

Fitting triplets into the swing :)

then everyone wanted to play on the water table!
 We had a great time eating pizza and chillin!

Justin spinning one of the kids :) They LOVE it!!

He showed them how to do slinkies :)

Danny "read" a book :)
 Sunday Nana came over for dinner and puzzles :)

Nana had a hard time :)
 Nana has been packing for her move up north so she has been very busy!!
We will be behind her, who knows how long it will take!
I do NOT look forward to moving 3 kids, 2 dogs and our household all the way to MA!!
But we are looking forward to being near family again!!!!!
Burying St Joseph!! I took the picture so we would remember where we buried him :) :)
He worked when we sold our home 3 years ago and has been prominently displayed on our mantle since!!

It is official!! Here is the sign :)
It has been CRAZY getting the house ready to sell, we had to wait to list it till the boat sold. So Dan had been working on the boat while I was working on the house.
The realtor was very impressed with how great the curb appeal is as well as how clean the house is :)
Of course she did not open any drawers or cabinets :) :)
The kids are excited about going North, but also worried about the change. Especially Danny :( He does not do change well and we have tried to prepare him especially. We have him help as much as possible so he feels part of it. Between the boat being gone, his teacher going out on medical leave, school ending in 2 weeks, cubbies ending, cub scouts ending, the house being listed and everything being cleaned out, it has been tough :( He has been very emotional.
I hate not being able to control everything :)
The current plan is to see how things go, the realtor thinks it will be about 6 months to sell, we already have our first showing tomorrow :)
The kids and I may be heading up before school starts in September.  So we shall see.

Here is our listing :

Know anyone wanting to move to St Augustine?!?!?!


Becky said...

YAY!!! you will be closer to Philly! Driving distance actually :-)

Jodi said...


MoonDog said...

Id love to! except we just put in an offer on 55 acres in MY hometown. inspection is next week!jealous that you will be closer to Becky! glad to see miss G is up and moving again. Ben seemed to take a really long time to get back to walking this time. he is now running again. and always ALWAYS with a big smile on his face = )

Brandon said...

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