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Sunday, May 22, 2011

We got a date!!!!!!

Setting up for the year end cub scout party!

We all got to go swimming!!
 The pool is fed by the spring in Green Cove Springs - so the water is a constant 78, which for us Floridians is COLD!!!!! But we all got in!

Warming up!!

Danny Loves to play with baby B :)
But the big news is that we have Gerri's tenotomies surgery date!!!! I called on Thursday to ask Ms Mimi if there was anything we could do about getting Gerri out of casts, I can tell she is getting depressed :( Ms Mimi said she had just heard about some OR time opening up and was working on getting us in - what timing! drum roll please!! It is June 14th! Another Dr gave up an hour of surgery time and Ms Mimi got us in!!!!
What this means is that we will head to Philly on June 13th, she will have her "quick" surgery (snip the tendon on the back of her foot) Dr vB will manuipulate her feet for the best position, she will get molded for her AFO's and then casts put on till her AFO's are ready. So that gives us an ending date for this round of casting!! Which means Gerri will be able to swim this summer!! She is SO excited about being done with casts :) as are all of us!!! It takes about 3 weeks for AFO's to be created then we head back to Philly, get the casts off and the AFO's on!!
The great thing is that school ends the Thursday before so she will not miss any more school time :)
It is outpatient surgery so we will come home the following morning :)
She has been getting up on her feet finally, we have had her going to school with only her walker. It has changed her outlook completely! She said everyone at school was SO amazed to see her upright and not in her wheelchair :) It has helped her get up faster than anything!
Now that we have her mobile I knew we would be having surgery again :( But hopefully getting done and being able to swim will give her lots of incentive!! :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Thinking of you as I sit here at the RMH wishing you were here too recovering from Gerri's surgery with us!! But soon it sounds like it.

I will let ya know how the braces go TOMORROW!!!

Rochelle said...

YEAH for a surgery date and for G to be out of casts! WOO HOO! I know she will be one happy girl to go swimming. Can't wait for those pics!