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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cast again and Home again!

How amazing!

Gerri got to meet Dr Z the hand guy :) and Kate from PT :)
 Dr Z was SO impressed with her strength and range of motion in her fingers, hands, wrists and arms!! We are SO blessed with her muscles! :) He decided that all we are going to do is splint the right to get a bit more flex up and cast the left as it is stiffer and does not go up much. Since she is right handed he wants to make sure she has as much motion as possible.
omg! what is this?!?!

mom- this is heavy!!
 She kept commenting on how heavy her hand is :)
Then Dr vB came back in to see her feet. He is very happy with her feet, when we go back on Friday he will have x-rays done to see if all is ok bone wise :) He decided to short cast on both feet so her knees would get motion again. After being casted bent knee for so many months her knees are very sore and she is very afraid to put weight on them. Dr vB had her on her tummy for both casts, I was laying over her back and she was holding both of my hands in her hands. As he pushed down on her feet to flatten them she would scream, I would sing/talk in her ears and tell her to squeeze my hands. It is so hard, but the outcome is so worth it. Her knees are SO sensitive that just him pushing down on the knee while casting her feet was brutal. He told her that she needed to be up and walking by Friday!! As soon as the plaster hardens (which thankfully is quick) she is fine and stops screaming or crying. But today was tiring and she just wanted to go home!

Then it was splint time, you can tell how tired she is by her face :(
Getting fitted with a custom splint on her right hand

yes, her casts match her hair colors :)

look at the bottoms!!!

getting her splint adjusted

very fashionable footwear!
 We were in and out SO quickly!! AND we almost ended up staying!
One of our little friends was supposed to have surgery tomorrow but is sick and had to cancel. Ms Mimi tried to get Gerri in the spot but she is not cleared by anesthesia and of the 2 that can ok her, 1 was off today and 1 was in an all day surgery :( Ms Mimi even tried to get him to approve her while he was on break during the surgery and he said no :( So we hung around a little bit in case we needed to make some quick changes in plans, but it was not meant to be. So on Friday when we are in, Ms Mimi will get the clearance taken care of in case there is another opening in the schedule. I told her we would drive up with 1 days notice if we had to!!
exhausted!! (while driving to return the rental to the airport)

back to sleep on the plane!

Surprise!! We are home 2 hours early!!

They were all talking at once!!

Victoria with a bear hug on Gerri!

then it was Danny's turn!
SO SO happy to be home again!! We are both exhausted!
We have 3 days home to do LOTS of things and then we head back to Philly on Friday. :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Bummer the surgery didn't work out!!! Hey isn't Dr. Z the nicest guy too??!!?!

Bryson is still not able to walk. I am going to give him until the weekend and then it is mommy walking boot camp!!!

I know once he learns he will go, but it has been so interesting seeing him not able to walk. We will be back on the 22nd thru 24th.

David and Carolyn said...

I love seeing all the pictures Nancy. It helps me envision how things might look in September. I made our appointment for Madeline's surgery and hopefully we can bring Ethan for his evaluation too. That will be a long week. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of all the procedures . Gerri you're a real trooper!

Jennifer Lane said...

She is one strong young lady! Thinking about you all and sending lots of love and prayers your way!