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Thursday, May 26, 2011

stinky news and a year end party!

Playing at Ollie Koala's with the rest of her Prek class

Girl power!

HIT that shark!

Netting jellyfish!

Driving just like daddy!

Animal sounds


saying goodbye to her teachers!! tears!!

showing off her ticket purchase!! a money purse with princesses :)

then she decided she would make cookies :)

Now on to the stinky news :(
I got a call this morning just before we left for the party from Ms Mimi. The OR has taken our time back, they said there is not enough time for her procedure :( So we are back to our original surgery date of July 1st. There is a chance that we might move to June 21st, but we are waiting to see if another family is able to get their visa's first. SO it looks like she will be in casts till end of July :(
I was SO depressed for her.  Luckily we had not told her about the June 14th surgery date so she does not know that it has been moved. Of course now that her surgery isn't till July 1st we have to do a recast appt, so we will be back at clinic on June 10th!!
Ah well, it is what it is!!

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Sarah said...

Your PreK party was more fun than ours, for sure! We just had a bunch of shivering little kids in wading pools. :) Sorry about the surgery date being pushed back. I'm glad you hadn't told her about the original date, though. I never try to tell my kids anything until just before it happens either.