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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bye Bye Baby!!

We closed on the sale of our baby today - Nandan now has a new owner.
When we  bought it we had 1 child and were going to cruise all over :)  (hence the name of the blog!)
I was even going to home school :)
Amazing how things work out!
Here we are 4 years later, 2 more kids and NO time to do anything.
It just killed us to sit there unused. Every once in a while we went on a cruise, which reminded us why we love to be on the water.
She has a new owner that WILL live aboard and travel all over. They are SO excited.
So while we are sad to say goodbye, we are so happy that she will be part of someone elses dream!!


Jodi said...

awe...that's gotta be a little bittersweet.

Just goes to show that God plans our futures, not us! ha haa.

Rochelle said...

So now you have the money to bring home more kids =)

Diana said...

Reminds me of "Up". Their dream when they married was to live at Paradise Falls or something like that. They had their change jar and saved for their dream. Then life happened and they never made it there together. It wasn't until the end he realized Ellie had finished the adventure book with photos of the life they had built together. It wasn't the exotic adventure they had dreamed in their youth, but rather many small adventures as they navigated reality. That's what your blog is, too. It's the adventure book of the realities of life. And it's not finished being written yet.