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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

busy, busy, tired!

This is what happens when you are rushing!! too much to do, too little time!
Yes, that is coffee grinds everywhere!!

You seriously want me to do what?!?!? Walk?!?! Are you crazy!!!!!
We are right back where we were when her casts came off in December last year, just the thought of getting up on her feet terrifies her! She shakes and sweats and just can not let go of the bureau. Her whole center of balance is off, when she holds my hands she is still bent kneed like she has the full casts on. She says her knees hurt and she does not want to use them. We had to go back to me being the task master. Stretching her legs, moving them around, pulling out her walker for support. She is SO stubborn!!

Time for the butterflies!! 8 out of 10 hatched!

I know it is hard to see, but the ladybugs hatched. We took them all outside to let them go and they seemed to know and were hanging around the top.

Playing ponies while the wind died down so we could let them go

We took the cover off! and NONE of them flew out! We had to wait while 1 by 1 they finally crawled out, walked around the top and the wind took them away!

Mom is making me try again!!! oh man!! She made it!! She was SO not happy with me!

I found out she has been playing invalid at school! She was letting them all baby her, she was sitting in her wheel chair ALL day long! not getting out, not stretching her legs, not standing up at her desk at all!! She wasn't even self-propelling her wheelchair! I tried to explain to her that by sitting all day long it makes her legs and knees very stiff and sore.
Everyday we work on her trying to get her balance, trying to stand, trying to move her feet one by one. baby steps again!!

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MoonDog said...

bens knees actually did NOT straighten after casting so walking WAS really difficult. not to mention all the strength and muscle they lose not walking for so long. one of the things our pt told us to do to stretch those hamstrings and get the knees straight again is just have them sit on their butt on the floor with legs straight in front of them and then keep them there for a story or something so it gets a nice long stretch. Ben has been out of casts two weeks now and is BARELY walking. it will come in time.