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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update for big goings on!!

You know it is going to be a great week when it starts with having to get your windshield replaced! Luckily it is 100% covered in our state and they come to your house to do it.
I promised to take pics for Danny:
The old one comes out!

Dan was really impressed when he saw the power caulker!

the new one is just beautiful! and clean!

The guy did it all in about an hour. This also proves we CAN get a car in the garage :)

The weather has been so bad all week! It has rained and rained, more rain than we have seen. We actually had a northeaster go through!

We could tell Ms V has been getting bored at home, so we signed her up for three mornings at a local daycare. She thinks she is going to school just like Danny :)
They were very happy to have a potty trained child :)
My first day at preschool!!

Danny was as excited as she was! We visited earlier in the week so she could check it out. Her teacher is so nice. She said Ms V is very happy, very articulate and a talker! so hard to believe!

She didn't even look back, no goodbyes!

We think this will get her ready for preschool in the fall. She is learning about circle time, criss cross applesauce, and listening!
Dan & I made a run to check the boat and then got a coffee. It felt so strange to be by ourselves :) It has been two years!!

Danny had awards day on Thursday, all the prek4 and kindegarten kids got awards for everything!
Every child gets a citizenship award, all are required to participate in events during the year

Ms Suzy hands out the Achievement Award

Reading monkey award for number of books read during the year

Spanish club Certificate and toy

Coach hands out the trophy for intramural sports

Master Nathan hands out the awards for Karate - Danny was the only kid to do the whole year!

Are we done yet?? This is no fun, no one is looking at me!

A certificate for the Red Cross Whale Tail water safety course

A beautiful necklace for being in the jewelry club

Danny gets a ribbon for participating in the pine wood derby

Friday was his last day as a Kindegartener! They had a luau at school, got to wear hawaiin shirts, the bubble lady did a show, a bounce house was donated by a family. Lots of fresh fruit, cookies and cupcakes :)
As we were leaving he said goodbye to his teacher Ms Suzy. He hugged her and told her she was the best teacher ever! She asked if he would say that next year when he had a new teacher and he said yes she will always be his favorite!! so cute :)
Then as we were leaving he ran into Ms Sandy, the prek 4 teacher. He then hugged her and told her she was the best!! I told him he better hope the teachers don't compare notes :) :)
We then ran to pick up Victoria at preschool. She had cried at drop off and said don't leave me! :(
She was eating a turkey and cheese sandwich after picking off the bread. She told me she missed me and where was I? She kept asking if I was at work so I finally said yes.
As we were leaving we ran into her teacher who told me that Ms V was very smart! But of course! She then told me that Ms V kept saying she missed me and needed to call me to say hi. She then went into the bathroom and got one of the step stools and dragged it out into the room. She then placed it against a wall and tried to climb up to where there was a phone on the wall!! The teacher asked her what she was doing and she answered that she was calling mommy and daddy to come get her! The teacher was just amazed! She told her that mommy and daddy would be here really soon and she could tell us all about it!
She has been having so much fun and tells us about her friends and what she does each day.
Danny starts camp on Tuesday at his school. He will also take swimming lessons and get tutoring. Ms V will go to her "school" 3 mornings a week too.
Danny got an early birthday present - a HUGE chalkboard! We call it Danny's school and he is "teaching" his sister letters and numbers and shapes and colors. The best part is he is getting so much better with his too! and he has no idea he is learning :)

It is huge! 8 X 4 and he LOVES it! He is on it all the time. and he loves to be the teacher so it works out really good. His occupational therapist said chalk was really good for hand control and processing.

We also have Lexie back, animal control called 2 weeks ago and said she was found wandering the beach. She was in bad shape, full of fleas and cuts and afraid of her own shadow. The guy we gave her to said they had rehomed her, but we have our own theories. The girlfriend did not want her.

As you can see in the pic Danny was trying to draw and Ms V decided to "help"

We just can not put her through any more houses so we are going to keep her. We had already decided to hold off on my hip surgery till September when my mom gets back down here. I have to have a total hip replacement and want to get as much weight off as I can and build up my upper body before it gets done.

So we started training yesterday and all of us are involved. Danny and Victoria got junior trainer tshirts and we all work with the dogs. Here is Victoria working on sit with Lexie

The trainer sent us a bunch of tips and things to get us going ahead of time, it is amazing the difference already. We will work on Maggie's dominance and Lexie's submissiveness
I did see my gyn and had my ultrasound done to check my innards. NO one told me it was going to be a v*gin*l probe!! Boy was I surprised! They did find a polyp which she said is probably the reason for all my bleeding. I have to have a d&c and polyp removal and then the ablation next Friday. Since it is more involved I have to do it at the surgicenter instead of the office :( The worst part is not being able to take my anti inflammatory so my joints are aching :(

I also had my mammo, digital for the first time and it was clear. They want me back in 6 months to get checked again to follow some calcifications. They did not really show in the old films.
Saw my oncologist and he asked how it was going! My bloodwork looked great, so besides the hip, back and bleeding I am great! He asked if the pain is why I looked pale and drawn and I laughed and asked him if he was saying I looked like crap? I told him to stop flattering me :) I told him I was worried about the polyp and he said there was nothing to worry about, he was sure it was nothing. I think I heard that before :(
So I see him in 6 months after more bloodwork and mammo.
He also said that in his non-ortho mind he recommended I get my hip done to take care of the pain. He said the surgery is painful but the rehab is the key.
He said the bone density test showed that my bones are fine, matter of fact above normal. So no one knows why my hip is so bad. I just guess I am lucky.

Today we were cleaning the house and both kids were "helping". At one point I heard Victoria crying and she told me that Danny had spanked her, while she was rubbing her head. When I asked Danny what was going on he told me he did not spank her. Then he got mad and said "Mommy I did not spank her!! I hit her over the head!"

Memorial day is Dan's day and we will do whatever he wants to :)
A big thank you to all those that have served and are serving our country!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday to our beautiful niece Nicole!!

both kids are so excited to see you next month!

and we released the butterflies yesterday!
We thought they would fly right out once we opened the top - but NO, they just did not want to leave

I had to scoop each one out and they still wouldn't fly away :)

No, fly away!!

Two hung out on this tree for quite a while:

We had a birthday party to go to for one of the kids at Danny's school. They had a pool so we had a great time! We really miss having one :(
Both kids jumped right in:

Danny did great jumping in over and over

He even tossed the rings into the pool and dived down to get them!

Victoria kept jumping in over and over also!

I have no more pictures of the party as I got my suit on and jumped into the pool too! Funny how the kids just gravitate to you once near :)

We did all get out of the pool for a pinata and some games. Victoria thought we were done so she promptly took her bathing suit off! Everyone laughed :)
They had lots of sugar too! cupcakes, two cakes, marshmallows, sno-cones, pretzels and a chocolate fountain! I dipped 2 strawberries - yummy!
We left and I had the kids change at my car. I had to hold up a towel for Danny - modest :) Ms V ran off as soon as I had her suit off and I had to chase her round the neighbors yard :) got more laughs :)
They both swam and played for 3 hours!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day and Butterflys!!

Hope everyone had a great mother's day!!

Our latest project:

Here are our new pets! all 5 of them :)

These caterpillars love to eat! They are growing so fast.

Here are all 5 caterpillar's as chrysilades :)

Once the 5th caterpillar climbed up to the top of the cup we relocated them to the butterfly house

sorry the picture isn't better I am still learning how to use my new camera

the first butterfly hatches the others are still in their chrysalides

Two of the butterflys, the one on the left was drinking the sugar water

these two were just passing the time :) :)

This was the 5th butterfly to hatch:

We are planning on letting them go this weekend! It has been SO cool watching them :)

Bought this at the store the other day as we hope to do lots of swimming this summer. I have never seen one like it and thought it was cool. No more blowing up floaties :)

Had enough - take it off!

Friday, May 8, 2009

End of year presentation

Thursday night was Danny's school's year end presentation. He only has two more weeks of school :( :(

Victoria all dressed up, she is looking so big :( Danny running ahead of us to get to his class :) Victoria really enjoyed staying still at the church while the kids sang :) Danny's class singing a praise song :) :) Danny's class lined up after tuning their violins. One of his classmates lost his first tooth while they were waiting and everyone had to help find it :) All the kids lined up and playing their songs: Victoria had enough and was playing in the lobby :)

I now really, really appreciate my parents going to my orchestra recitals for years when I was a kid :) :)