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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday to our beautiful niece Nicole!!

both kids are so excited to see you next month!

and we released the butterflies yesterday!
We thought they would fly right out once we opened the top - but NO, they just did not want to leave

I had to scoop each one out and they still wouldn't fly away :)

No, fly away!!

Two hung out on this tree for quite a while:

We had a birthday party to go to for one of the kids at Danny's school. They had a pool so we had a great time! We really miss having one :(
Both kids jumped right in:

Danny did great jumping in over and over

He even tossed the rings into the pool and dived down to get them!

Victoria kept jumping in over and over also!

I have no more pictures of the party as I got my suit on and jumped into the pool too! Funny how the kids just gravitate to you once near :)

We did all get out of the pool for a pinata and some games. Victoria thought we were done so she promptly took her bathing suit off! Everyone laughed :)
They had lots of sugar too! cupcakes, two cakes, marshmallows, sno-cones, pretzels and a chocolate fountain! I dipped 2 strawberries - yummy!
We left and I had the kids change at my car. I had to hold up a towel for Danny - modest :) Ms V ran off as soon as I had her suit off and I had to chase her round the neighbors yard :) got more laughs :)
They both swam and played for 3 hours!

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Don and Be said...

We let our butterfly go the day before Mother's Day - it was sweet ....