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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Katie!!

We went over to Auntie Denise's for her daughter Katie's 21st Birthday!

Grampy sitting with his girls :) munching!

Katie opening her cards from the kids :)

Woo Hoo!! Nana gave her a bottle of Dom! :)

so cool!

Her mom gave her a fairy in a bottle :)

Ms V eating her dessert - raw cookie dough!! :)
thank you Auntie!

Playing with play dough! They made a snake that went around the whole table! It was a group effort :)
We had a great dessert and the next day Katie went back to school :)

Can't believe she is 21 already!! wow! the time has flown!!
Hope you had a great day at school sweetie!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moving day for Nana!

Her pod was dropped off at 9:30 and we quickly got organized!

the guys manhandling the washer/dryer. they were all set to hook it up when they realized there was no dyer vent hookup :(

Nana looking at all her boxes and not knowing where to start :)

Uncle Mike made Victoria a new chair :)

Denise and I got her bed all set up :)

Victoria helped Nana unpack!!

Uncle Mike telling Nana she has to toss stuff :) :)

Dan and Mike putting up one set of blinds so she has privacy

Good Auntie making chocolate chip cookies, with help!!
We had the whole pod empty by 11:30!! LOTS of stuff went into the storage area under the  addition.
Dan ran and picked up Danny and Gerri after school so we could ALL help :)
Danny was all excited thinking he would get to stay over with Nana now that she has room again :)
We got a lot done, Nana will be busy reorganizing :)
We ended the night be eating at Chili's :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Philly and Home and School!!

Cheerleaders playing at RMH

They always find someone to play with :)

After and Before!! If you look at her lower leg on the right xray you will see how knock kneed she was! for the previous 2 weeks we were turning a different screw to move the knee around. If you look at the left xray you will see that the 4 pins are now parallel!! The only thing is that by moving the knee and lower leg around (it hurt her!!) but her knee is very sore while walking since she is walking completely different. The other problem is that it forced the femur bones to overlap, So we now have 2 more weeks of turning the leg lengthening screws at 2x's the previous amount to make it up and get the length we need. She is close but we need the bones separated. but her hip looks great!

The girls playing with Madeline, their buddy :)

all of us at lunch!! 4 UA beauties!! LOVE getting together with other AMC families :)

Gerri and Fuxia having a conversation :)
 Gerri was very happy to have the lift on her shoe completely shaved off!!! Yah! she can wear her sneaks again and can now wear any pair of sneaks!!

The moon rising over the MA Pike on our way home.
We left Philly right after lunch, around 1 and made it home at 6:00! fastest trip ever!!

Gerri's release to go back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday after school we all helped Daddy with the newly split fire wood
If you look close you will see Gerri sporting brand new sneaks!!

WOW!! and we have to buy another pair of brackets to build another log holder

YAH!! we are going to school tomorrow!!!

Gerri has her meet and greet with the kids new pediatrician on base. She was SO nice!
She has never treated a child with AMC and was looking forward to being part of her treatment. She was very impressed we go all the way to Philly for treatment :)

This is how we found Victoria after bed last night - right inside their bedroom door

This morning waiting for the school buses!!
and Yes, that is snow!!
Gerri was SO excited about going back to school she was awake at 6 and I could hear her singing in the bathroom getting ready :) :) 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years, Happy Birthday and back to school!!!!!

Uncle brought out their bearded lizard :)

yes, both girls touched, you notice - no Danny in the picture! :) As soon as the lizard canme out of the cage he booked it outta there!!

what a yummy chocolate whoopie pie cake!!!

Auntie Denise opening her birthday cards from the kids :)

They each read what they said on them!
 Thankfully school started again on Tuesday!! Danny REALLY needs his routine and structure and we were all going a bit stir crazy!! He has settled right back down since going back.
this morning, all lined up and happily taking their morning pills :)

Daddy reading to ms V this am
 Then everyone was off to school while Gerri and I did our morning routine.
Then I noticed this face:
It took her quite a while to be able to tell me she was very sad and why.
She finally got around to saying she was sad that Danny and Victoria went off to school and she was missing her friends.
This is SO big for her to be able to say what she really feels!!
We hugged and I told her I understand completely and that hopefully on Monday when we see Dr vB he will say we are done turning the screw and just waiting on bone to grow and give us an idea when she can go back to school!!
So, yes, we will be on the road again Sunday! Our appointment is Monday afternoon, but we are going in early to hope to get in sooner so we can hit the road home before the evening traffic.
But we are also going in early so we can see everyone!! There will be 3 other RR families with their UA cuties!! SO So Excited!! 2 of which were my families and 1 that I have never met!! :) :)