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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Katie!!

We went over to Auntie Denise's for her daughter Katie's 21st Birthday!

Grampy sitting with his girls :) munching!

Katie opening her cards from the kids :)

Woo Hoo!! Nana gave her a bottle of Dom! :)

so cool!

Her mom gave her a fairy in a bottle :)

Ms V eating her dessert - raw cookie dough!! :)
thank you Auntie!

Playing with play dough! They made a snake that went around the whole table! It was a group effort :)
We had a great dessert and the next day Katie went back to school :)

Can't believe she is 21 already!! wow! the time has flown!!
Hope you had a great day at school sweetie!!


Mary Ellen said...

You let Miss V eat cookie dough?! Never thought I would see the day...

And Katie is 21?! Just last summer we went dancing at a club to celebrate my 21st birthday. Where does the time go?

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Nancy ~ I really, really don't like to be a bummer, but I want to let you know that a little girl I Nannied for actually died from eating cookie dough. It's the raw eggs. Just something to be aware of. Ashley was 4 years old and an only child.
How did Geri's appointment go? That picture of the kids doing yoga is way too cute! Love the PINK boots! Hugs ~ Jo