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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moving day for Nana!

Her pod was dropped off at 9:30 and we quickly got organized!

the guys manhandling the washer/dryer. they were all set to hook it up when they realized there was no dyer vent hookup :(

Nana looking at all her boxes and not knowing where to start :)

Uncle Mike made Victoria a new chair :)

Denise and I got her bed all set up :)

Victoria helped Nana unpack!!

Uncle Mike telling Nana she has to toss stuff :) :)

Dan and Mike putting up one set of blinds so she has privacy

Good Auntie making chocolate chip cookies, with help!!
We had the whole pod empty by 11:30!! LOTS of stuff went into the storage area under the  addition.
Dan ran and picked up Danny and Gerri after school so we could ALL help :)
Danny was all excited thinking he would get to stay over with Nana now that she has room again :)
We got a lot done, Nana will be busy reorganizing :)
We ended the night be eating at Chili's :)

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