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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fav Foto Fri (a day late)

It has been a crazy week!
Between one thing or another we did not close on Wednesday! We were rescheduled for Friday but our mortgage company could not get it done fast enough so we are now scheduled for Monday afternoon. When we found out Thursday we were not closing on Friday we asked the builder if they would let us move in Friday if we signed an agreement. And yah! they said yes!! So we picked up a 26' rental truck and had our movers load up on Thursday and we drove it over to the new house on Friday morning. We then had to head back to my mom's place to load both Dan's truck and my minivan full then head to the title company, the builders office and then the house. The poor kids had been in the car for over 2 1/2 hours!
The dogs just did not understand what was going on, but were just so happy that they were going in the car with us!
The movers were busy all day so we unloaded half the truck on and off during the day and they finished up when they got here at 5:30. It took them 1 1/2 hours to finish unloading the truck and Danny was there every step of the way! He worked his butte off :) The picture above shows him inside the big truck helping :)
I asked for credit for providing extra help and they just laughed...
The hot tub was delivered Friday am, but we did not set it up till Saturday am.
I can't tell you how tired we were last night! Dan & I had munchies at 9:00 and were asleep at 9:30. The dogs are loving the fenced in back yard and still spend all their time sniffing everything.
We had to head back to mom's this am to get more stuff, but could not get it all :(
So we will be heading back on Monday to clean and pick up the last of our stuff.
We set up the hot tub today and were able to swim in it this afternoon, the water was only 84 so we were chilled :)
There are so many boxes everywhere it is exhausting just looking at them.
One room at a time, that is my motto!
The best part is I got an email Friday from one of the camps I had looked into for Danny and they said to bring him in on Monday, they could not wait to see him and it is only a couple of miles up the road!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Sunday

This is where Green Cove Springs gets its name, from a natural spring. Dan's new doctor told him about this park and it was really cool! Green Cove Springs is right over the bridge from our new house. It is a really small town, but we have found lots to do there already.

Looking into the springs, this water flows at 3,000 gallons a day! The water temp is only 72 though, too cold for us Floridaites :)

YMCA pool at the park, only $1 for kids and $2 for adults! What a deal :)

Really cool park in Green Cove Springs, there were lots of kids playing, fishing and families picnicing.

Staying one step ahead of daddy :)

Looking out over the St. John's River from the park

We decided to take a quick run out to the house this am as our final walk through is tomorrow am andthe builder said all would be done before the walk. Needless to say we were not happy that everything is NOT done. Most of the big stuff was done, the screen enclosure is 1/2 done, but lots of little things still need to get done. When we got back to the house we had an email from the realtor that he had confirmed our walk with the builder. He was really pissed when I sent him the list of all that still had to be done. He immediately sent off an email to the realtor that we would not be there for the walk in the am and we would not walk till ALL was done and the closing would not happen till we had a clean walk thru.
Of course I paniced thinking how we had everything lined up for the week. Having worked in construction for many years I also knew there was no reason the list could not be done on Monday, but it just shows the builder either had not been to the house to oversee the list or he was not real worried about finishing the list before closing.
So after a tense couple of hours I received a phone call from our realtor saying that the builder had just called him and that everything on the list was done! I guess we will see in the am.
So he either had a very busy Sunday afternoon or will have a very early Monday morning :)
Quick side note: Happy Birthday to my best and oldest buddy MaryEllen! Miss ya kiddo!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fav Foto Fri (and catch-up)

Yah!!! We are once again a two car family!! We bought a 2004 Honda Odyssey this week and the kids just love it! (It has a DVD player) This is my Fav Foto!!!!! It only has 30K in miles and is in great shape. It really fell into our laps and we could not pass it up!
We got a call this past Wednesday that our closing is set for next Wednesday!! Not even one month after we closeed on our old house! We are so happy to know we will have our space, backyard and stuff again :) My mom was so kind to let us stay here till we move :) XOXOXO
We have our final walk thru on Monday am and hopefully all will be done.

Yah the fence is almost done!!
Now that we have a date we can buy the rest of our stuff!

We found the best place ever - Sears Outlet store in Jax. Any overflow or scratch or dented stuff gets sent here! We bought so much stuff and the prices were incredible!!! They will deliver next Wednesday afternoon :)

"Our" new rider mower! Just like our old one :)

My new front loading washer and dryer!!!!! I had to order the pedestals direct from Sears.

My new stainless french door fridge :)

Our new king size mattress set we will be sleeping on the floor with till our bedroom set comes in in a couple of weeks

Our new 40" LCD tv

Our new patio set

Just before we hit the Sears Outlet store I popped into Badcock Furniture for their big sale and bought a few things :) These will be delivered next Thursday :)

2 bar stools for the kitchen eat-in counter

Our new dining room set

Our new sofa with two recliners

My new recliner/rocker

Our new corner TV stand I ordered online. Unfortunatley it won't be here for another 1-2 weeks.
Comcast can't get out to the house till Friday afternoon, so no tv for two days :(
But luckily we have lots of movies! Just gotta unpack them first :)
The hot tub get delivered and set up on Thursday :) :)
The dogs will be so happy to have a nice big back yard to run around in.
We have to get to the DMV on Monday to change our licenses, registration and get my new car plate.
Dan is putting in the new mailbox after our walk on Monday.
It will be one busy week!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

To one of the most influential men in my life! We have been together for 22 years! and married 18 years! We have been through alot together and have lived in 3 different homes, 2 condos and 1 sailboat! We have such a blessed life! I love you the whole marble!! Happy Father's Day!

To the other most influential man in my life! My Dad! We have known each other for a little over 40 years :) You have always been there for me and I know how proud you are of me! I love you!

Today we ordered our bedroom set at Jax Naval Air Station! The price is great and there is no sales tax. Unfortunately the lead time is 6-12 weeks! So once we know our move in date we will buy our mattresses and sleep on them :) The special orders usually come in after a month though. Danny offered his bunk beds in the meantime :)

The kids and I took Dan shopping, bought him a weed wacker attachment and then to a seafood dinner, his favorite! The kids have such a great dad! He loves to make them laugh, burp and fart :) :) I love to see him loving on the kiddos.
Happy Father's Day :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fav Foto Fri

This is what we bought today!! We decided it was much more practical than a pool :) Lots less work and much more economical.

Home Inspection happened yesterday - it took 4 hours!! and that is on a new house!

We saw a lot of this while we were waiting - this pic is for my mom :)

The kids had had enough after 3 hours and I had luckily brought snacks to kill another 1/2 hour.

Here they are near the end of the wait - this is the storage space under the stairs!

We were happy to see the fence is getting started!

The mortgage company has all our paperwork and is working on underwriting. The appraisal will hopefully be scheduled soon so we can move before the holiday.
I have been having so much fun shopping for furniture :) I have also been stalking craigslist - it is so much more active up here than back south.
We already bought Danny a bunkbed, it is all wood and has the stairs instead of a ladder. He is so excited, he keeps asking when we are moving so he can have his beds. He wants nana to sleep over and stay in his room!!

I think we will set up Victoria's toddler bed in her room as well as her crib and start the transition.
More news next week!!
Stay tune for some good pics on Monday!! :) :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We Did It!!

We have a signed p&s!!
We are so excited - it is brand new, only finished a month ago.
Hopefully we will be in by the end of the month :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Favorite Foto Fri

This is her new face :)
She has the lip jut down perfect!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Bday big guy :)

Here is Danny after his first bath at 20 months in our hotel in Minsk, Belarus!! I just LOVE this picture :)

Our big guy turned 6 today!! He was so excited that this was his day :)

Opening up my presents from Nana first!

Oh my gosh!! This is for me?!?!?!?

Get off - this is mine....

Helping daddy put the training wheels on

Showing off for my family! He did so great - he took off down the street :)

The payload from Grammy and Grampy :) Thanks so much xoxoxo

We took him to his favorite place for dinner, Longhorn, or as he calls it the peanut place. We have one back home and Dan and Danny used to meet me there after work. The bartender would let them sit at the bar and eat peanuts while they waited for me. Danny just loved being the big guy with his daddy. When we were driving around looking at houses we found one up here and knew that is were Danny would want to have his big birthday dinner.

This is his face while the servers were all singing happy birthday to him!!

Reliving the whole experience :)

He is just so full of life and love!!
Love ya big guy - hugs and kisses :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Been busy :)

We have settled in at my mom's and she will be here for another week before she heads up north. The kids are loving having nana around, but she is tired :) :)
In the past couple of days Dan & I have been through about 20 houses that we had been interested in, with 2 different realtors. We have narrowed it down to the following houses. Brick vs stucco vs siding, brand new vs 10 years old, 4 bedroom vs 5 bedroom, 2 car garage vs 3 car garage, 1 acre vs 2 acres, wasted spaces of living and dining rooms, plant shelves - NO, the list just goes on.
We are setting up some second looks this next week. We really want some space around us but don't want to break the bank. Some of the places we have seen we just knew the minute we walked in that we had NO interest at all. I can't believe how some people just don't clean up for a showing! Once we narrow it down some more I will call the schools and see what they offer for Danny.

We are all very tired :)