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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard of 2013 - part 2

this is looking out the back door to the porch

we had to shovel a walkway so the dogs could get out and go potty :)

this would be the front door!
unfortunately the door opens out, so we could not go out that way :)
 so we did what everyone should do: Valentine's cards for school :)

I then went out through the garage around back and walked through the thigh high snow to get around to the front door. May was I tired!!
but we were able to finally open the front door!

yes, that is my mini van!! :)

the plow came and did our driveway, still can't get to my car!
guess no work :)
look at the snow on our roof!

the kids have had SO much fun!! they have never seen snow like this :)

Maggie was chasing snow balls and eating them :)

lots of sliding, climbing, and playing :)

it took hours, but we got both vehicles out!!
we just got the call that school will be delayed 2 hours tomorrow am, but there is school! :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard 2013!

Our FL dogs would like to say "what the he-- is going on!"

YouTube Video

And we still have a whole day of snow to go!!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Philly trip

Sunday am we headed out to Philly
we could not get into the RMH but went to visit friends :)
Gerri and Alexandra (2 beautiful Ukies with AMC)

Victoria was very proud of her tower!

Ms Collee was so wonderful to teach Gerri how to finger knit :)

we headed downstairs to play and let the kids run!

so much fun!

so fast, just a blur!
 We left the house and headed to a hotel for the night. we had dinner and watched the superbowl :)
time for the anthem!


we got a free dessert and it was yummy! and chocolatey :)

bedtime! :)

We spent most of the day on Monday at shriners. We picked up Gerri's new AFO's and then had to wait to see Dr vB to mark them and measure Gerri's ROM. He was very busy and we had to wait quite a bit. the worst part was that the advil I gave her totally wore off by the time he came in and she was already stressing him touching her and measuring her. He was his usual happy self, stretching her, talking to me while she writhed and screamed and cried. He was not happy with her not walking or stretching or moving around, which was not a surprise at all. He showed me how to do some stretches and wrote up a new script for PT. He wants to focus on her hip first and her knee second. He thinks the hip rom will be more useful and needs to be maintained. Her left foot/lower leg is still a bit swollen and very turned out. He said it would be a week or so before the left foot starts to come back round.
Gerri has been released to go back to school full time and is now using the walker to make her be mobile.
She has been back for 2 days and is so tired when she gets home. We have started stretching and exercises to try to get back the muscle she has lost in the past 3 weeks.
so hard to believe she can lose so much so quickly, but she has :(
tonight I was able to get her to walk independently across the room. she has no confidence in her walking or her balance.
And we go back in one month for him to see how she is progressing!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Catch up!!

We made candy necklaces! thanks auntie Carla :)

look I can touch my toes!!! it has been a long time! (over a year)

you have no idea how amazing it is that her left knee is bending again :) (yes, it is still swollen here)
 Family over for our niece Katie's birthday :)
playing with cousin Harry, so cute! :)

Katie likes her gifts :)
 Gerri stayed home for 2 weeks and got pretty lonely by herself, strapped into her cpm :(
so happy to be playing on the ipad together :)

watching football together (Grampy was holding Victoria's baby :) )

The sickness flew thru the house :(
Ms V always gets the sickest and has horrible fevers :(
 Gerri started back at school half days and was so happy to see everyone,
she also has a school tutor twice a week to try to keep up.
learning how to estimate, using two colored pieces of paper of different sizes.
Here they are measuring how many blue strips long Victoria is :)

I was able to sneak out and go to a jewelry show with adults!! :)
yup, bought something :)
today hubby had to have a colonoscopy :( he was a bit grumpy this am.
so after dropping him off I went and got my hair cut and then it was time to pick up Gerri so I jsut picked up all three so I would not have to worry about being home in time for the bus. so I decided to surprise daddy by having all of us get hair cuts while he was 'ahem' busy :)
Danny was first!


then it was Gerri's turn!

she loved this :)

yes, a bit excited and happy!

not so happy :)

LOVE this pic :) this is so them!!
 daddy was SO happy to see everyone at pick up time :) I had juice and crackers for him!
playing cars on their town mat together :)

 it has been so busy around here and the time if flying!!
Gerri, Victoria and I head to Philly Sunday for Gerri's appts on Monday.
She will have her cast taken off (YAH!!) and pick up her new AFO's and get her ROM measured by dr vB :)
She is more worried about dr vB cranking on her knee and hip, but we will work on stretching before she sees him. She has had a cast on her left leg and foot since the beginning of Dec so I know how sensitive her foot will be, not to mention the tenotomy (achilles tendon being cut) and her foot being cranked up and forcibly stretched for the last 3 weeks. Hopefully this visit will be it for a while :)