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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard of 2013 - part 2

this is looking out the back door to the porch

we had to shovel a walkway so the dogs could get out and go potty :)

this would be the front door!
unfortunately the door opens out, so we could not go out that way :)
 so we did what everyone should do: Valentine's cards for school :)

I then went out through the garage around back and walked through the thigh high snow to get around to the front door. May was I tired!!
but we were able to finally open the front door!

yes, that is my mini van!! :)

the plow came and did our driveway, still can't get to my car!
guess no work :)
look at the snow on our roof!

the kids have had SO much fun!! they have never seen snow like this :)

Maggie was chasing snow balls and eating them :)

lots of sliding, climbing, and playing :)

it took hours, but we got both vehicles out!!
we just got the call that school will be delayed 2 hours tomorrow am, but there is school! :)

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