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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

sorry we have been mia!! prayers needed!

We have had a very eventful couple of weeks!!
3 weeks ago hubby got a shot in his behind, within a couple of days it was very sore, red, inflamed and hot.
He went to the dr on Monday Feb 18th, she gave him a shot of antibiotics and a script for antibiotics. She drew a big circle around it and told us to watch it and if it got any bigger to come back the next day.  we knew Tuesday am it was not looking good, so called the Dr and told her we were coming in. Unfortunately it was school break so it was the whole family :) It was time for IV antibiotics :(

admitted into the hospital!

started the IV antibiotics!

blood cultures to ck for infections (Dan asked the nurse if he could have a nip )

The next day I had to work so Danny came with me while Grammy watched the girls

hanging around visiting

kids are thinking about what is going on, each day it got harder :(

Gerri had a hard time with it all, it took days for her to go near dan :(

We made get well cards!

Then I had to bring them into work, yes, they worked!! :)
they loved it!

daddy loved his cards!!
 unfortunately the IV antibiotics caused a "kidney crisis" and things took a turn that we did not think would happen :(
yes, this is a dialysis machine!

I just can't put into words what it is like to watch your best friend go through something like this!
my strong loving husband broke down and my heart broke!
 the kids had a very hard time with it all. hubby has never been in the hospital, they have never had to see hubby like this and they ALL had a very hard time. I had to be strong for everyone, felt pulled in so many different directions, ran around doing everything, tried to do it all.
Danny finally sat on his knee and cried :(

both doing work :)
 my sister came over one night to watch the kids so I could visit by myself :)
smile :)

the kids got to make pretzels with auntie!

they made crafts!

Danny finished his pine derby car
 we spent the school vacation going back and forth from home, work and the hospital. we ate out way too much and ms v slept in the bed with me so I would not be lonely :)
After a week the kids started school again and it made things easier to coordinate.
Unfortunately as I was leaving the hospital from our "date" hubby called to say that he had just been diagnosed with C-diff!! All I could think of was what if I got it! what would we do! what would the kids do! why did no one say anything to him or me when they saw us?? I rushed home, took a shower and washed all my clothes and scrubbed. argh! I was so over this whole thing!! the worst part was telling the kids that they could not visit for a couple of days :(

finally able to visit!!! :)

playing war :)
I spent all of Friday morning meeting with people to figure out what we needed to do to get him home! we were all over this whole business.  we got all the paperwork squared away and hubby was discharged Saturday!! his kidneys are still having a hard time and he is doing dialysis till they recover. :(

I learned a couple of very important things!
I love hubby :)
the kids love hubby :)
it is awesome being near family again!
life is too short and can change SO quickly!
I do NOT want to be a single parent!!

hubby actually had a fever yesterday and we had to take him back in, bad news
but turns out his counts are doing good, none of the cultures have come back with anything, and he is scheduled to have his cath taken out tomorrow and he is currently not needing any dialysis!! good news!
please pray for his healing, this has hit us all so very hard :(


Michelle Z said...

Nancy! Oh my gosh, I had no idea all this was going on. Definitely thinking happy, healing thoughts for Dan!!!

Becki Little said...

Oh. My. Word! Praying for all of you! May the healing continue!

Lighting Our Steps said...

What a difficult time for your family! I'm sure you are all emotionally and physically spent. I cannot believe you have still answered all of my questions, ugh I feel terrible. We will be praying for your hubby to continue to heal and for your family's life and routine to get back to normal. Love, The Braithwaites

Denise said...

I have read your blog for quite a while but never commented. I will certainly pray for Dan and your family!


Colleen said...

Oh Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine! I'm going to pray for all of you right now, and then tell Nate as soon as he's up to pray for you guys also... and then we'll keep praying!!!! Sending you hugs!!!!

Carson and Jill said...

our beloved Nancy. Break my heart! I'm so sorry. I have a lot of down time so I WILL pray for your whole family! Love and hugs to you.. from jill and carson

patty said...

So sorry to read this news. I hope your husband is feeling better. You will all be in my prayers.

Sally-Girl! said...

Nancy, I am so sorry to hear this!!! I hope and pray all improves quickly. I can't imagine anything like this happening to my strong hubby. I'd be a wreck. Did you make it to Philly for Gerri today with all of this going on??

coastiegmc said...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you during this most difficult time.
From your friends in Florida, Art, Marianne and Connor.

Molly said...

Crazy! I had no idea this was going on!

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Kiddo! Wow! Sorry to hear about all this. Praying health and peace for you, Dann Danny, Geri and Miss V. Hugs, M.E.

Kelly said...

So sorry to hear your family is going thru such a difficult time! Prayers for a quick recovery