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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

sorry so long! update! :)

We have been so busy, I am sorry I did not get on here to update!
Dan is slowly feeling better, his blood work is slowly looking better. His Dr says it will just take time.  Dan is impatient, but the Dr said for each day in the hospital it takes about 3 at home till you feel better. so we figure a couple of weeks till Dan feels more like himself.
Gerri and I had to head to Philly last Friday for follow up from her surgery in January. I was worried about how bad her walking is and how uncomfortable she is with stretching. we were scheduled to pick up her KAFO and dr vB came in to check out the fit. I told him about her weird bump under her knee and how bad her balance and walking is and asked if we could x-ray her knee.

Gerri talking :)

he is the most amazing dr!! :)
 when we had our appt in clinic, looked at her x-rays and discovered she has a stress fracture at the top of her tibia! I felt so bad as we have no idea when or how it happened. We have been stretching every day since surgery. and she has had pt 2-3 times per week :( though I will say he was stretching her as well without knowing it. Luckily since we just picked up her redone KAFO he just had a bar added onto the back to lock her leg straight during the day and at night she has a 30 degree bend. I mentioned to him how she does not walk well with the walker as she basically just coasts along balancing on her upper body. He suggested a cane so we headed up to PT and left an hour later :)
the difference in her walking has been amazing!!!
no more swaying side to side :)
we went out to dinner to benefit the Cat Connection :)
how much fun is making your own pizza!!

 We have tried to eat healthier for dan, more fish, less carbs, more fruit and veggies :)
yum, haddock! :)

they are getting SO big!!
Danny - 10, Gerri - 9, Victoria- 6

 We had that cold going around last week, all 3 of us girls had it. Gerri and Victoria had it for about 3 days, 10 days later I still have it. I finally broke down and went to the nurse today and I have a sinus infection :(  I was sure I was just run down from all that has been going on for the last month. I will be so happy to feel better soon!!

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