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Thursday, June 30, 2011

It was a very long day!!!!!!!!

nap time!! (we were up at 6:00 am!!) they both slept for an hour!!

how cool is this!!! the Budswieder Clydsale horse trailer!!!!

The Pentagon building!!

The Washington monument!!
you can see Dan and his truck in my back window!
keeping busy!
watching a movie!

our 9 hour day turned into 11 hours with all the constuction in VA and NJ. The last 50 miles took 2 hours!!!! oh man was it tough!!!
but we are settled into our hotel and everyone was asleep by 8:00!!!
Bye de hi nj
Bye md hi de
Bye dc hi md
Bye nc hello va

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SO tired!!

POD #1

POD #2

Getting that last little bit inside!!

Managed to fit in a haircut for the girls :)

Then bye bye to the PODS!!

what a cool grasshoppper!!!!

We were up early finishing up the packing!! We were ready for 1 more run to the donate place and then the realtor to sign the closing docs!!! We were early but they were ready. So in about 20 minutes we were done!! It was so strange pulling away from the house, saying goodbye :(
We drove about 7 hours today with only 1 stop for potty and gas!! The dogs were great and the girls were so good! We had uncrustables and an apple for dessert :) We got into our hotel in Fayettville, NC just before 6:00 pm and I promptly walked next door to Dominos and got pizza. The kids and dogs were so happy to be out of the cars!!!!

Maggie watching over the door!!

Dan was on the phone with one of his friends :)

everyone OUT for the count!!!
Thanks for all the prayers!!
Tomorrow is the LONG day - 9 hours!!
Bye sc hello nc!
Bye ga hello sc!
Bye fl hello ga
We r on the road! pray:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The move is on!!!

Dan and I were both up early this am, finished off both PODS in time for the truck to come take the first one away. We started loading up the trailer and are about 1/2 way done.
We discovered last night that we did not have phone service, turns out the buyers turned their service on early and the phone company just disconnects you!!! I don't understand how they can do that, but they did. Then this am I discovered my internet was turned off too!! Now that REALLY ticked me off!! I am on the computer ALL the time!!!
So right now I am sitting in McD's trying to get everything done that I had set for today :(
Luckily I booked our hotel rooms for the next couple of nights.
We sign the closing docs in the am and then get in the cars and head out!!
Day 1 - 7 hours
Day 2 - 10 hours
Day 3 - 5 hours

and that is without potty breaks!
I have both girls in my van and both dogs, Dan has Danny in his truck and will be towing the trailer.
Please pray we get through the next couple of days without killing anyone :)
This is what we will focus on:
Our rental in Gloucester

The view from the backyard :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Final visits and running out of time!!!

We went to visit some good friends last night :) hard part is leaving some wonderful friends we have made :(
The kids put on a fashion show after dinner :)
the girls were in heaven!!!

yes, that would be Danny!! he had SO much fun!!

Ms Riley was SO nice to share her wonderful clothes!!!

The finale!!!!
I just cannot believe that we have less than 1 week!!! we are both stressing now!!
This morning at 7:30 am we were surprised by a surveyor. Poor guy spent 3 hours doing a survey for the buyers. Luckily we were all awake!!
We sold a bunch of stuff on Cr*gslist and had some pickups today. I just LOVE that site!!
One lady came to pick up a computer desk and 2 tv's and we gave her an old chair since she takes care of her blind brother, turns out she has one JUST like it!! so now she has a matching set :)
We have completely emptied the upstairs where the kids used to live. Dan even shampooed the carpets :)  So it is now blocked off and no one is allowed up there!!!
the PODS are being picked up on Tuesday so we have a limited amount of time left!! The first one is full and the second one is waiting on the Dan's flat screen tv. He is giving it up tomorrow so we can pack it up :) then we will finish with the  few remaining items of furniture we have left :)
So we are living on camping chairs and tables :)
On Monday we will finish the 2 PODS so every bit of space is used, then start on the trailer. We got new tires on the trailer yesterday and have had both vehicles checked over before we leave. Hopefully we will be able to sign either Wednesday or Thursday so we can start on our journey North!!
Neither of us is sleeping well right now :( Too much on our minds!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surgery day!

napping on the plane :)

killing time  :)

doing a puzzle at rmh

entertaining Ms Rasha at dinner

she made a card for Dr vB :) :)
had a great time in the tub!
 she was sound asleep by 8:00. She said she was a bit nervous, but ok :)
5:00 this morning (!!!!!!) I heard her tossing and turning and sighing, so we just got up
She was VERY quiet, very pensive, very nervous. They had no juice at the house so we ran up to DD for coffee and apple juice, which is all she could have till 7:30 am. I put a movie in my computer and we just chilled.
she kept pushing the button and watching the train go round and round and round
 We got to Shriners at 9:00 and they were not ready for us yet so we had to head to the waiting room
Gerri helped unpack new toys - and played with them all :)
 Dr vB came in to talk to another family and she was SO excited to see him , then remembered she had made him a card :) She called him over and hugged him and gave him his card, he was surprised :)
He thanked her and hugged her and said he would see her soon!
After he marked her, she asked to mark him and he let her!!!!!
 The next thing I knew we had a whole bunch of people in our little space and she got really nervous!
The more they stood around and asked questions the more upset she got. She then got her giggle juice and I pulled out the Ipod and started playing lullabies and she calmed down. She was just about asleep when they came in and said it was time to go. I hugged and kissed her and told her we loved her and she started crying :( :(
I went down to the waiting room and about 45 minutes later Dr vB came in and said it went great!! He was actually able to get her feet at +15 degrees!! which means the toes tilt up now and he said it may take her a bit to get used to walking with them that way :)
here she is all doped up still :) she just kept saying "I missed you"
 By 12:30 we were out of the recovery room and since she was still a bit out of it we went up to the cafeteria, I got a salad and she had goldfish and juice.
By 1:00 we were back at rmh :) what a difference from our previous surgery experience!!
watching Sid the science guy :)

look at these babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!

making bracelets!! she managed to stay awake the whole day!

fading a bit, eating fritos and watching cake decorating :)

talking to daddy and her brother and sister after dinner :)
We were up in our room by7:30, gave her a dose of motrin and she was snoring by 8:00 :)
what an amazing difference from our past surgery, like night and day!!
We come back in 3 weeks to get the casts off and get her AFO's put on!!
We fly home tomorrow early :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

still packing and on a plane!

everyone has been helping me pack :) and yes, these are clean dog beds!

Danny's closing ceremony at camp! (he was a mummy)

happy to see us!

the Girls were fascinated by this girl with PINK hair!

Gerri had her annual checkup :) only gained 2 pounds, but grew 5 inches!!

our neighbor is taking our fish :( then I need to clean out the tank :(

back porch almost empty

mattresses will be last :)

everyone has their own clothes bin :)

the kids think it is funny to lay on the floor to watch tv

sofa gone, camping chairs make do!

the girls are sleeping in the office :)

Ginger hanging out and staying out of it!

our dining room table :)

second POD almost full so we had to go out and buy a trailer :) :)
cannot believe we have just over a week before we load up the cars and head out!!

In about an hour Gerri and I head to the airport for her tenotomies surgery tomorrow.
She is VERY nervous, but we keep focusing on the "only 3 more weeks of casts!"
We have to be at Shriners at 7:30 am and she is scheduled for 10:30. She has the OR for 1 1/2 hours. We are SO praying this turns out SO much better than it did in the fall :(
We fly back home Wednesday am and are looking forward to getting this over!!
Pray for her to understand :)