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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer time!

a little OT :) cutting and taping a poster

a little educational on line play

Poor Danny is at cub scout camp this week :
It is right on a big lake!

big ole pool!

The Eagles Rest :)

His den :)

the fire pit area!!!
He is having SO much fun - even though he did NOT want to go. He was mad all weekend because we told him he was signed up for camp. He kept saying he wanted to stay home and help pack.
But now he is having a ball!! He is so tired at night he asks to go to bed :)

everything is moving right along on the house, home inspection done! no repairs! septic inspection done! termite inspection done! home appraisal done!
We have been diligently packing, one pod is full the other will be 1/2 done this weekend.
only about 2 more weeks!!
It is so hot and today the smoke from the fires in GA is SO strong we cannot go outside :(
Pray for some rain!!

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Jennifer said...

Glad things are going well with the move. Praying you get some rain soon.