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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Final visits and running out of time!!!

We went to visit some good friends last night :) hard part is leaving some wonderful friends we have made :(
The kids put on a fashion show after dinner :)
the girls were in heaven!!!

yes, that would be Danny!! he had SO much fun!!

Ms Riley was SO nice to share her wonderful clothes!!!

The finale!!!!
I just cannot believe that we have less than 1 week!!! we are both stressing now!!
This morning at 7:30 am we were surprised by a surveyor. Poor guy spent 3 hours doing a survey for the buyers. Luckily we were all awake!!
We sold a bunch of stuff on Cr*gslist and had some pickups today. I just LOVE that site!!
One lady came to pick up a computer desk and 2 tv's and we gave her an old chair since she takes care of her blind brother, turns out she has one JUST like it!! so now she has a matching set :)
We have completely emptied the upstairs where the kids used to live. Dan even shampooed the carpets :)  So it is now blocked off and no one is allowed up there!!!
the PODS are being picked up on Tuesday so we have a limited amount of time left!! The first one is full and the second one is waiting on the Dan's flat screen tv. He is giving it up tomorrow so we can pack it up :) then we will finish with the  few remaining items of furniture we have left :)
So we are living on camping chairs and tables :)
On Monday we will finish the 2 PODS so every bit of space is used, then start on the trailer. We got new tires on the trailer yesterday and have had both vehicles checked over before we leave. Hopefully we will be able to sign either Wednesday or Thursday so we can start on our journey North!!
Neither of us is sleeping well right now :( Too much on our minds!!

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