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Monday, June 20, 2011

still packing and on a plane!

everyone has been helping me pack :) and yes, these are clean dog beds!

Danny's closing ceremony at camp! (he was a mummy)

happy to see us!

the Girls were fascinated by this girl with PINK hair!

Gerri had her annual checkup :) only gained 2 pounds, but grew 5 inches!!

our neighbor is taking our fish :( then I need to clean out the tank :(

back porch almost empty

mattresses will be last :)

everyone has their own clothes bin :)

the kids think it is funny to lay on the floor to watch tv

sofa gone, camping chairs make do!

the girls are sleeping in the office :)

Ginger hanging out and staying out of it!

our dining room table :)

second POD almost full so we had to go out and buy a trailer :) :)
cannot believe we have just over a week before we load up the cars and head out!!

In about an hour Gerri and I head to the airport for her tenotomies surgery tomorrow.
She is VERY nervous, but we keep focusing on the "only 3 more weeks of casts!"
We have to be at Shriners at 7:30 am and she is scheduled for 10:30. She has the OR for 1 1/2 hours. We are SO praying this turns out SO much better than it did in the fall :(
We fly back home Wednesday am and are looking forward to getting this over!!
Pray for her to understand :)


Laura said...

Wow! Five inches! Way to go! Good luck on the packing and moving. Two pods and a trailer... I can relate!

Blessed said...

Praying that all went well with the surgery. Love the new interior design! The bins are a great idea.
Take care & God bless,
Tom & Mary