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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SO tired!!

POD #1

POD #2

Getting that last little bit inside!!

Managed to fit in a haircut for the girls :)

Then bye bye to the PODS!!

what a cool grasshoppper!!!!

We were up early finishing up the packing!! We were ready for 1 more run to the donate place and then the realtor to sign the closing docs!!! We were early but they were ready. So in about 20 minutes we were done!! It was so strange pulling away from the house, saying goodbye :(
We drove about 7 hours today with only 1 stop for potty and gas!! The dogs were great and the girls were so good! We had uncrustables and an apple for dessert :) We got into our hotel in Fayettville, NC just before 6:00 pm and I promptly walked next door to Dominos and got pizza. The kids and dogs were so happy to be out of the cars!!!!

Maggie watching over the door!!

Dan was on the phone with one of his friends :)

everyone OUT for the count!!!
Thanks for all the prayers!!
Tomorrow is the LONG day - 9 hours!!

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