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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Touched by the hand...

so over the weekend we told the kids the house had sold and we only had 4 weeks to finish school, pack the house and move!! The kids were all happy!
I then asked if they wanted to sell their beds now and get new ones when we move?? All 3 said yes!
So on Saturday I listed all 3 kids beds on cr*igslist. Before I even finished posting the 3rd listing I had an email on Danny's race car bed, and could they come by to look at it?? By the time I had told Danny to strip his bed I had an email for Gerri's bed and could they look at it that night??
Victoria was sad her bed didn't have any mails (emails) but her bed is a trundle and more money.
The family that came to buy Danny's bed was over in an hour. They live not too far away and their severly autistic son was with them. He is Danny's age and really cute. He was entranced with all 3 kids, especially the girls. The mom and dad kept saying how shy he is and NEVER communicates with anyone, never is gentle, never is calm BUT he was giggling, smiling and getting his point across to the kids :) His parents were amazed! They asked him if he wanted the bed and he went over and touched it and shook his head yes :) It was SO amazing to watch!! We helped them take it apart and then the mom, son and our girls went downstairs to wait and took him out front to walk around the yard. It was just SO cool :)

Then the second family emailed to say her husband was home and could she come right over :)
They are from Argentina and she is 32 weeks pregnant with triplets!! They needed another bed for her mom who was flying in to help with the kids.
All 3 kids were just fascinated by her belly!! The couple was SO cute! They talked and chatted with all 3 kids, counted in Spanish with them, let them practice their "spanish". It was so so amazing how it all came together!!
Then I got a couple of mails for Victoria's bed :) I had a guy say he would come out the next night once he could get his cousin's truck.
So we all got together and took her bed apart :)

The kids were SO excited about pumping up their camping beds :) they ALL helped!

BIG empty room!!!

He looks SO big!!

So Monday night Alex came into our lives :) Turns out he is a single dad, his wife had just left him with his 3 yr old twins and nothing else! I was SO sorry I had donated so much of their stuff because he could have used it!!! While they loaded up the beds I went in search of anything else I had and got pillows, kids sheet sets and brought them out to him :) He was SO thankful!! He showed me pictures of his cute twins :)
I had listed our sofa and recliner too and had lots of emails but nothing panned out, so on Tuesday I gave Alex a call and asked if he was interested, we would give them to him :)
He started crying!! :) OMG! I was floored! He quickly called his cousin again and round up his truck. I ran around the kitchen this time and got some kids plates, bowls, clean sippy cups, the kids ran around and got some stuffed animals and toys, I got our old kids computer and toddler games and we had a big pile for him when he arrived!!
It was SO cool to be able to help people in such a small way!
All 3 kids think it is SO cool how we had things to sell that these other really neat people needed!!

No of course they think I should sell everything so they could meet more neat people!!!

So now, if they do not pick up their stuff I tell them I will list it on the computer and sell it :)

The timing with our house, closing, selling items, everything is moving along SO quickly!! I just feel like this whole process is SO right, so blessed, so amazing!!

Strangely St Joseph, who is buried in our front yard, has been unburied twice! No one did it, it just happened :) The first time was the day we got our offer and the second time is when this was put in our front yard :
The buyer has his deposit in at the title company, the home inspection is Monday am, the P*Ds come tomorrow, wow! goosebumps :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

Good things happen to good people!! You were blessed by the quick sell of your home and in turn you blessed others put in your path that needed to be blessed as well!!

Love how God orchestrates this stuff!!