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Saturday, June 4, 2011

a little birdy :) and packing! and another blessing!

Gerri had her year end play at school Thursday night!!
She was SO excited to be there.
2 kindergarten classes together getting ready for their year end play

very excited about being a bird!

The play was "there was an old lady who swallowed a fly"

that is our bird! she kept forgetting her line "oh my!" she was too busy looking around :)

By the end of the play all the animals were inside the old lady :)
 Then the real excitement came on Friday!!
Gerri stayed home because they were having water day at school and she couldn't participate so she decided she would rather stay home instead. Hey look what is here!!

the peanut gallery :)

what an amazing concept! Wish I had thought of it!
 When the driver left to go get our second pod he said it would take him about an hour and a half to be back. So we had lunch and then I ran to school to pick up Danny so he could watch!!

just fascinating to men :)

Ms V had to entertain us :)

Danny was just mesmerized :)
I can't believe we will be out of here in 3 weeks!! We spent this morning loading up all the boxes we had in the garage that we had been accumulating the last couple of weeks. The girls had fun playing, coloring, singing, giggling and watching us do all the work!
Danny was such a help! He just loves to do physical work. He was there every step of the way with Dan and I. We filled about 1/4 of the first pod, then Dan and Danny went in the space over the garage to empty of all the stuff we stuck up there when we moved in. We ended up filling up the space we had just emptied :( Dan and I will spend tomorrow going through it all and sorting for keep, throw, or donate. We already donated a bunch of stuff to Danny's cub scout pack :)
I have a few things kept aside for Alex (the single dad with twins)

It turns out to be so much cheaper using the PODS and having them shipped up and stored in their facility till we have a house.

We were all so sweaty and hot that we decided to take showers and head out to dinner. Since Danny's birthday is tomorrow we let him pick the place. (then I whispered to the hostess that it was his birthday)
After a scrumptious meal Danny was surprised by this:

Once they stopped singing he was so ready to dig in!
By the time we got home, had tubs, the kids went to bed. They were so tired from being outside in the heat all day that all 3 were sound asleep in 5 minutes!!!

I almost forget - another piece of God news :) :)
Gerri's surgery was supposed to be July 1st (which is the day of our closing). Dan and I have been trying to figure out how we were going to coordinate doing this while closing and physically moving. Last night I got a phone call, almost didn't even answer since it was unknown, but it was Ms Mimi!! She was calling to say the OR had wanted to cancel her surgery since they would have to open early, and my heart just dropped into my stomach!! But in the next breath she said, but I have put Gerri into an opening on June 21st!!!! OMG!! She will be done while we are still here, it does not happen in the middle of our move AND it is 10 days earlier than we had planned!!!!!!!!!!!!! which means she will be out of casts 10 days earlier!!!!!!!!!!!! and will be feeling SO much better when we do move. What an amazing blessing!! We have NOT told Gerri since it seems to be such a moving target :)

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Rochelle said...

Thank you God for these sweet gifts! YAHOO!