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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Happy Day!

Just the other day we had a roaring fire going. Then we heard a crack and a boom and thought a piece of wood had dropped out of the fireplace. Upon closer examination we realized that it was not wood, but the tile trim around the fireplace surround. :(

So hubby had to get some caulking and duct tape :)

The girls with their jingle bells necklaces

We did not tell the kids that Nana had driven down this past weekend to her winter place which is about 30 minutes away :) :) We also did not tell them that she was coming to dinner!!
We have not seen her since June!!!!

Dan's buddy from up north stopped in on his way to SW FL. So we had a great time!!

Danny read his turkey poem for nana!!! 

After tubs Nana read a book to the kids!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Last day of our visit :(

On the way to the airport we discovered their flight was delayed 2 hours, so we decided to go to lunch!
We went to my favorite place Chil*'s :)
Here are my boys :)

Here are the girls :)

While we ate Grammy gave the kids a little something!!

How cool are these watches!! Blue for Danny, Orange for Gerri and Pink for Victoria :)
We were all very sad to see them go home!! Each of the kids asked why can't they stay here :)
On our way to the airport we got a call from AT*T telling us a techinician was at our house trying to figure out why we did not have any phone service. Of course he said I can fix it if it is outside the house, but since you are not here I will have to reschedule if it is inside the house, which btw is extra $$. Since we have not have phone service since Thursday and no one told us that anyone was coming and I did have internet :) I just said Fine! We are at the airport and an hour away! When we got home he was still there :)
It was an outside issue and it was fixed :) :)

The good news is that nana started her long drive south to spend the winter at her place nearby!! The kids do not know that she will be here for dinner!!! shshshsh, don't tell them :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Nice quiet Weekend :)

We went out to lunch for Grampy
:) :) :)

Grampy asked Ms V to share some fries, so she searched through her fries, found the smallest one, then broke it in half :)

very serious about their food :)

what do you think?? dessert??

saved some bread for the fish - no fish

but they did get some ducks :)

we stopped at the store on the way back home and picked up an alien for each kid :)
(they were buy 1 get 1 free!)
We settled in and watched Avat*r

sitting with his new alien buddy

Grampy even got to hold one for safe keeping  :)

Hanging with Grammy

We sat around this morning and Grampy got to watch Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue with the kids!!
Then Grammy brought out some puzzles she brought with her!

SO intent!!

The kids hung around up in the play room with Grammy, so Grampy and I ran to the store.
He needed his flu shot so I made him get it. :)
I told him he couldn't cry cause I would tell his grandkids!!

Grammy was VERY busy!!

Their works of art!

It was much cooler today - in the 60's!! But the kids and Grammy are all tuckered out!!
We watched the movie Oceans tonight and it was great!!
Tomorrow out visit will end, we will all be very sad :(
We love having family around!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We started off by relaxing and watching the parade and doing puzzles :)

Grampy and Danny took the dogs for a walk and they were all pooped!

Grammy did hair duty!

Loving on Grampy!

We had lunch out back

Just swinging around!

Grampy had lots of help with the turkey this year!!
Victoria couldn't get any closer :)

Gerri got to mince some onions!

They were all fascinated by the turkey!

The prep crew!! (yes that is me :) )

We got the turkey in the oven just in time for the kick off for the Pats!!

Half time and time for some touch football

time to eat!! c'mon everybody!

A toast to you all!!
Gerri could not believe how much food we had :)
We all said grace together and then took turns saying what we are thankful for :)
I ended by saying god bless all the orphans in the world, may they all find love and a family, and we all toasted and cheered.

After dinner it was tubby time, pj time and then dessert while we all sat around and watched a family movie, G Force - very cute!

Hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The kids made pictures :)

The girls got gussied up
All morning we heard - when are we going? can we go to the airport now??

Grampy helps swinging

Victoria brings Grammy a flower (weed:))

Grammy takes a swing with Gerri

Grammy and the girls bounce and talk

Grampy has to kiss a boo boo
The kids are SO excited to have Grammy and Grampy here for Thanksgiving!!!
And after dinner Danny took out his turkey poem and read it to us all!!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Turkey feast :) and Danny Kudos!

Danny has been practicing reading a turkey poem for his class today. We have worked on it every day for the last week. Last night he refused to try to read it, wouldn't practice and went to bed. This morning I had him try it with me helping. He did a great job so I asked him if I could video it and he said yes!! That is such a big thing for him!! I ended up videoing 4 times, got lots of practice in for him and his confidence got better with each one!! He was SO happy as you can tell!!

Gerri's class had a turkey feast too and I got to go :)
Here is her class coming out to join us

Many familes had blankets to sit on

Gerri was very proud of her turkey hat.
On the turkey body it says "things I am thankful for" and on each feather she wrote something, mom, dad, sister, brother :)

Here is our spread! It was yummy

She ate everything on her plate
Once we were done I could tell she was tired and I asked if she wanted to go home and she said yes. Since school got out an hour later we went in search of Danny too. He was in the cafeteria eating lunch. He was very surprised to see us. I asked how his turkey poem went and he got all choked up, after all that work they ran out of time to do the poems :( :( :( He was SO sad. I felt SO bad for asking in front of everyone.
I asked him if he wanted to finish eating or head out and he said Let's go!
I told him that he could read his poem to Grampy and Grammy when they got here :)
Since it was close to time to get Victoria we all just headed over to the church to get her. Danny and Gerri were so excited about seeing her there and ms V was SO excited to see us :)
We all sat down while the kids sang songs. The little kids kept staring at us and Danny and Gerri felt like the big kids on the block. All the kids got treats and we were on our way home!
Everyone pitched in to get the house picked up and cleaned up.
Tomorrow Grampy and Grammy fly in to spend Thanksgiving with us and we are SO excited!!!