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Friday, November 5, 2010


I got her up early and we were in the car by 6:45, bright eyed and bushy tailed :)
Time to get rid of the pink ones!!

This is the heel of her left cast! It was cracked right through to her heel - we think from twirling on the swing and hitting her casts against the wagon :)

She was VERY happy to have spikey Nick take her cast off!

Her skin is in much better shape! All the yucky skin and callous is pretty much gone.
Look at these babies!

Another resident to check her over :)
For some reason she was a bit sad :(
She told me her feet were a bit sore.

Ms Heather came in to cheer her up :)
She kept telling Dr Moran to keep her casts clean - which is the big joke in the office :)
Yes, she picked her favorite orange again!

So happy to be done!!
She heard the dr and I talking about her casts, her feet and surgery.

The doctor really worked her feet this week to get as much as she could - look at this!!

Next Tuesday will be Cast #10 and the following week will be her bilateral tenotomies and adductor release.
The doc is thinking of waiting to take out her hip hardware.
She will be in and out of the hospital pretty quick.
In the car on the way to school she was really quiet, I just thought she was tired :)
I had picked us up some water and fresh fruit to munch on the way and put a princess movie on.

By the time she got home I could tell she was still sad about something.
It took till that night while the boys were gone at cub scouts for her to finally open up.
She was worried about the hospital and surgery. I explained to her that she would hopefully only have 2 more casts!! That her surgery would be quick in and out and home that same day. She THEN finally said what was bothering her!! She said she didn't want to be ALONE! I sat next to her and asked her what she meant. She told me that before (in country) when she had surgery she was left alone the whole time. She started crying and I explained that we would ALL be there, that she would not be alone at all. And that she would not be staying at the hospital, but coming home the same day. Victoria piped up that she would be there to hold her hand and would even let her have pink!! (for those who don't know pink is Victoria's most prized possession) I then told Gerri that now that she has a mommy and daddy she will NEVER be alone again! As a matter of fact she will never be rid of us! Then I told her we would bug her the rest of her life!!
She did crack a smile at that and we all hugged till she had calmed down.
We explained to the other kids that Gerri was a bit scared of the hospital and they needed to stop talking about it so much. Now I wish she hadn't overhead us talking, but I thought she would be so excited about being at the end of this journey, at least for now. But on the flip side it gives us time to deal with her anxiety.
So now it can't come fast enough :) :)


Jodi said...

awe.... sweet Gerri. You never know what goes through their minds....especially when they have that kind of past.

I love her in pig tails :)

Her feet look wonderful too!!!

Jo's Corner said...

Poor Gerri! I feel so bad for her. I wanted to let you know that I read a blog of a missionary/adoptive Mom who lives in EE and she said that kids in orphanages get NO pain meds for dental work and surgeries. No lidocaine for numbing and no pain meds after surgeries. And, Geri is correct about being alone. All patients have a family member to stay with them and provide for their needs like water, snacks, all the things that nurses and nursing asst.'s do here. Maybe that can help in reassuring her. She gets prettier every time I come to read your blog! They ALL do! Hugs ~ JO

Anonymous said...

Poor Gerri! It makes me so sad to think what she has to face during her short life. I hope now she can see that surgeries are not that bad when mom and dad are there with you! and of course brother and sister too! ;) I think her feet look fabulous!

Sally-Girl! said...

What a sweet girl with beautiful feet and a forever family!!!!! So happy for you guys!!!

Jill said...

Breaks my heart to hear what she's been through. How scary that must have been for her. But thankfully you were able to get to the bottom of it and help her through the process as the surgery approaches. What a great mommy you are! :-)

Csmith said...

I've posted before to say how interested my kiddos are in Gerri's casts. Maybe because no one in our family has ever had one, a miracle with nine kids. We are all eager to see how her surgery goes and excited to see her walk! Tell her good luck from the Smith kids.