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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The first night :(

It was a very long night!
I stayed up till midnight to give her some meds. I gave her a few soup crackers to munch before trying this time! (yes learned my lesson earlier-twice!)
She tossed and turned, trying to turn onto her side. She would whimper and sigh a lot :(
I fell asleep and heard her at 2 crying she had to go potty.
I ended up having to change her at 2, so I gave her a dose of ibrupr*fen.
She fell back to sleep as did I till 6 when Dan came in and told me she was crying on the couch. I thought she was hurting but it was because she had wet herself :( She was SO upset!
So we had to undo the bar again to change her and wash her down and dry her off and redress her.
Here she is not quite bright eyed:

but definately bushy-tailed :)

Settling in to eat some toast so I could dose her up again.
New bucket nearby :)

A little comic relief
The plan is to stay on top of her meds today so the pain doesn't break through.
She keeps sayng her feet hurt. The dr said that they would because of the new position, the surgery and the cracked bone. She doesn't seem to really notice her adductor pain at all (in her groin) so I guess that is a good thing :)
I emailed her teacher to let her know that she would not be at school the rest of the week.
I also sent a picture so she could show the class that she is ok, her feet are straight and that she has a bar. Hopefully that will help when they see her next week :)
keep praying we can keep her pain down and get through today!!!


Julia said...

Poor baby... Poor Mama.... Praying that she turns the corner today!!

Kylie Mc said...

thoughts and prayers being sent for gerri (and for you).

Jo's Corner said...

Oh, this makes me cry. Poor Gerri. I'll be Praying A LOT for your Sweet Girl. I am SO glad that she has a Mommy to take care of her pain meds and other needs. tell her that someone in MN. love her and hopes she feels better soon! ~ "Auntie Jo"

molette said...

Poor baby! I pray today is a better day and that things go smoothly for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Bless her heart - first days after surgery are always the worst, so she should feel much better soon. Meanwhile, it sounds as if Gerri is getting lots of love and special hugs. Now's the time to indulge her (ice cream, jello, new Teddy bear or doll, handheld toys that work in bed, favorite music and stories for distraction, etc) - and baby yourself a little, too.

So hard to see little ones hurting...prayers that Gerri will soon be on the mend and her bubbly self once again.

Blessings from
Susan in Ky
Grancousin to Two from Ukraine

Anonymous said...

Praying for Gerri and for you. It must be so hard to see your daughter in pain. I will ask the Lord to remove the pain from that sweet girl.