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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Turkey feast :) and Danny Kudos!

Danny has been practicing reading a turkey poem for his class today. We have worked on it every day for the last week. Last night he refused to try to read it, wouldn't practice and went to bed. This morning I had him try it with me helping. He did a great job so I asked him if I could video it and he said yes!! That is such a big thing for him!! I ended up videoing 4 times, got lots of practice in for him and his confidence got better with each one!! He was SO happy as you can tell!!

Gerri's class had a turkey feast too and I got to go :)
Here is her class coming out to join us

Many familes had blankets to sit on

Gerri was very proud of her turkey hat.
On the turkey body it says "things I am thankful for" and on each feather she wrote something, mom, dad, sister, brother :)

Here is our spread! It was yummy

She ate everything on her plate
Once we were done I could tell she was tired and I asked if she wanted to go home and she said yes. Since school got out an hour later we went in search of Danny too. He was in the cafeteria eating lunch. He was very surprised to see us. I asked how his turkey poem went and he got all choked up, after all that work they ran out of time to do the poems :( :( :( He was SO sad. I felt SO bad for asking in front of everyone.
I asked him if he wanted to finish eating or head out and he said Let's go!
I told him that he could read his poem to Grampy and Grammy when they got here :)
Since it was close to time to get Victoria we all just headed over to the church to get her. Danny and Gerri were so excited about seeing her there and ms V was SO excited to see us :)
We all sat down while the kids sang songs. The little kids kept staring at us and Danny and Gerri felt like the big kids on the block. All the kids got treats and we were on our way home!
Everyone pitched in to get the house picked up and cleaned up.
Tomorrow Grampy and Grammy fly in to spend Thanksgiving with us and we are SO excited!!! 


Jo's Corner said...

WOW! Danny you ROCKED that poem! Great Job! That is the BEST part of my day! I'll be with my two cats on Thanksgiving, but we will eat turkey and come back to watch you say your poem again!
Happy 1st Thanksgiving, Gerri!
Have a FUN Turkey-Day, Victoria!!
Love to ALL of you! ~ Jo, Flora and Fauna, too! ~

Molly said...

Tell Danny he was AMAZING!! And great job tracking with his finger!