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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

We started off our celebration with a visit to school :)
Dan's name is here on the wall :)

The show started with the school chorus singing patriotic songs

Danny was surprised to see us :)

They called up all the veterans, thanked them, gave them certificates of appreciation, chered and waved their flags!!

I looked over and noticed that Danny was bent over and his buddies were whispering. His buddy mouthed to me that Danny was crying. I went over to see what was wrong. He told me that his friends were all telling him his dad was up there on stage. I asked him if he was sad and he cried and said "no mom, I am so happy"

The end of the ceremony had everyone waving their flags!! so so cool.
With all the kids Dan did not see Gerri till the end of the ceremony. She was very tweaked that he did not wave to her when he was going back and forth to the stage. Dan kept having to tell her he is sorry but there was just too many kids there. :)

Then last night we went to the Veteran's Park ceremony. We got to sit on the ground

See the color guard

listen to the high school band

Eat FREE hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks
The kids bounced

And watched :(

Then played on the playground

And went down the slide

That is Danny in blue at the top!

It got mighty cold :) cheese!!

We had a very quiet day today. Ms V is under the weather and actually napped.
Danny and Gerri watched Aladdin and she was singing and dancing :)
And NO she did not know any of the songs and she is a bit tone deaf :) :)
But they are a good match!

Dan, our veteran, sat and watched war shows and movies
Happy Veteran's Day to ALL Veteran's everywhere!!!!


Jodi said...

It's good to see the young ones celebrating Veterans Day, and how sweet for Danny to be so proud of his dad :)

They're all looking so cute.

Lindsey misses them :)(oh, and you of course!) ha.

Jodi said...

oh, and that picture of Gerri watching the jumping was so sad :(

Hopefully, she'll be doing it soon enough....her legs and feet look WONDERFUL :)

Anonymous said...

And who said men can't multi-task!

Love you sister!