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Friday, December 28, 2012

Disney on Ice

We are here and ready!!

We are so close to the ice!!

The finale!!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Festivities! Happy Birthday Gerri!

Jingles hanging out in Danny's room :)

Hanging with his "friends" :)

since we forgot to mail our Santa wish lists in time, we sent them express via the fireplace :)

Grampy and hubby put together a room divider for the girls

Grammy kept the girls occupied watching the Elf on the Shelf  :)

now the girls have some privacy :)

Last Sunday of Advent :)
Christmas Eve!!

Jingles was a baaaaaad boy!!! :)

Sissy Tracy came over for breakfast and presents!!

Santa hats and gingerbread cookies!!

too bad the light was behind them :(
 Then they opened present from brother DJ and family

Then Christmas Eve was party time at Auntie's!!
Auntie loves her crafts! :)

The grandkids - Harry, Victoria, Katie, Adam, Danny, Nicole and Gerri!! :)
 Then of course - presents!!
Danny with his remote control truck!

Auntie got a really cool knife holder :)

Uncle Mike makes really cool pencils :)

yes, this is SO hubby! :)

the girls got their Barbie beach house!!
Dessert is always the best part :)

The tree is ready! where are the kids!?!?!!

Jingles came back because he wanted to see them opening their presents!

All ready to open presents!! After we sang Happy Birthday Jesus!! :)

Danny got a remote control truck!! :) (yes - he got 3!!!)

Victoria opening up her american girl!

Gerri opening up her american girl!

wearing their new clothes and playing with their toys! :)

Grampy and Grammy came over for dinner and to help put  presents together! :)

Then it was Birthday time!!!!! Happy birthday sweetie!!! you are now 9! :)

Gerri was very excited it was her birthday finally!!!!

Just what I always wanted! :)

More presents!! (and Victoria had to help!)

Standing around chilling after all the parties!

Friday, December 21, 2012

One more cast down!

Some elf fun first:

Some goodies from RMH :)

Therapy dogs are our favorite!

This is Josie

This is Stella

Last cast till next year!!

Gerri loved telling everyone "see you next year !"
"Next time you see me I will be 9!"

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Catching up!!

Put up all the decorations!!

stockings are hung!

We drove to philly for recasting on her left foot, as you can see her foot has regressed quite a bit. but we are not surprised as she has had several growth spurts this past year and her left side is more affected  and was very stubborn the first time around
you can see how she was walking on the side of her foot again  :(

trying to get used to a cast again - she was very uncomfortable

stopped for lunch on the way home - ready to play!

by bed time she was up and walking!!
Then 4 days later we were heading back to Philly for a cast change
Temple University has students caroling!

after 1 cast you can see some movement!

fell asleep waiting for dr vB (we left home at 4:30 am)
We left Philly at 3:00 pm and hit all the traffic and did not get home till 10:00 - I was exhausted!

We adopted an elf! Meet Jingles!!
Silly boy!! the kids LOVED this!

Bad boy making a mess!!!

Can you see me???? I told him to dust while he was there!

hugging (choking) my buddy
Went to Danny's 4th grade winter concert!
Danny is middle row next to last on the left - he did Great!!

An elf after my own heart!! he had to put a blanket on  cause it was cold in the fridge

ooh ooh!! bagged!
This morning we left home at 7:00 to drive down to Philly
look at the difference with 2 casts!! almost flat  again!!!

she is VERY happy with their new colors!!
and it is lightweight.

We are staying in Philly for the weekend as Gerri is beinng casted again on Monday. As soon as she is done we will jump in the car and head home. We hope to be home before the storms hit.

Prayers go out to all the families in Newtown, CT that are going to sleep after saying goodbye to their loved ones today. I just can't imagine. I heard about it while in clinic and can't imagine how someone could harm so many innocent people.
hug your children extra tight tonight!!