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Saturday, December 1, 2012

In honor of a beautiful little boy :)

As many of you know I am the stateside helper for Reece's Rainbow, it has been my way of paying it forward for almost 3 years now. I work with families from the time they commit to the time they come home with their treasures. I have helped hundreds of families and am honored and blessed to call them all my friends. I have met a few in person but mostly are via phone calls, emails and messaging.
One of my families lost their precious bundle of joy way too early.
He was blessed with a loving, amazing family for 14 months.
Today the family is doing the unthinkable, burying their beautiful sweet baby boy.
Many of us in the RR and the special needs adoption community have been praying and holding this family up as they do the unthinkable. 

Henry you were SO loved by all of us!!

Rest in Peace Sweet boy!

We are all burning candles in his honor!

We all love you Henry!!

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