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Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh My Gosh!!!

Hey Victoria what ya doing???

Just short of one month home and SHE IS STANDING!!!!!
She was SO proud of herself!!!!

Can not wait to hear what the ortho Dr says on Monday!!!!

Go Cub Scouts!!

Thursday was cold here - 55 in the am!
So the kids had pants and sweaters on!

Princess V was not to be outdone!
That is her princess hat they made in school on Wednesday for "P" week

Danny likes his exercise - hauling his sisters around the back yard in the wagon certainly does that!!

We have been letting Ms V stay at aftercare with her classmates so she gets no nap on school days.
Here she is last night at dinner :) :) (yes she is sound asleep!)

Cub Scouts was having a cake auction! If you have never heard of one, it was great!!
The theme was sports.
The cub scout has to make the cake - hence the mix :)

I did crack the eggs so there would be no eggshells in the cake :)

Making the frosting green (supervisor V on duty!)

Can you guess yet?

Daddy helping with some trim outs:

Here is a line up of cakes:

So many more cakes than we thought we would have!!

Danny was so proud!
Thanks Ms Marianne for the great picture!

Lots of people showed up for the full pack meeting

We even had a REAL auctioneer!!!

We had Danny pick a couple of cakes that he was interested in so we could bid on them. One of them was his buddy Sebastian's swimming cake. His dad told me that he had to win it and I told him that I was going to make him pay lots!!
Here I am working on making Francisco pay lots of money for his son's cake :)
He is sitting at the table in the white shirt.

We were all laughing so hard!!! The bidding was fast and furious and I got him to pay $50 for his son's cake!!! The money went to the pack so the kids can go horse back riding and future camping trips!!

We ended up not winning any cakes, the bidding got much more expensive as the time went on. Each cub scout had to stand in front of everyone and talk about his cake and say how much it was worth.
When the auctioneer asked Danny how he made his cake he said he mixed it!! When asked what it was made of he said - "I don't know ask my mom!!"  Danny started the bidding at $10, but we dropped out at $30!!  One young boy said he and his grandpa made it together and when the auctioneer asked how much it was worth he said "priceless"!! How cute is that!!!!
It was a great night!!! Cake was shared by others so we did get to have some awesome chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!!! yummy!!!!!! The best part was that the pack raised over $600!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Birhday Party invite!!

After school I pulled out the new sidewalk chalk!
Gerri was amazed that they could just draw on the driveway!!

Of course they had to do each others body outlines:

Once they played for a while they got cleaned up and we headed out to "Ollie Ko*la's" for a birthday party for a boy in Gerri's class.

Gerri decided to climb up to see what it was like

She got up to the top and then decided she had to pee and came back down :)

The kids were all running around crazy and it made her nervous.
She did not want to go back in so she just played on the games.

Danny just could NOT get the hang of Skee ball :)

This jumping game had them all in stitches!

Getting tickets to buy stuff

Daddy helped them bang the ducks

Showing off their bling

The kids were all exhausted!! The house was silent by 8:00 :)

We also got Gerri's referral today for the pediatric ortho Dr!! Her appt is Monday morning!!

Victoria Time

After doing some shopping at the base we went to a park so Ms V could run around.

We love this park in Green Cove Springs, Ms V found several kids to play with :)

After school puzzles. Gerri stayed and played afterschool. She had SO much fun!!

Puzzle in one hand and Ipod Touch in the other!

My remnant from the Cub Scout camping trip!!
not sure if it is poison ivy or what -itchy!
Thank heavens they have clear caladryl lotion now :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gerri is just learning like crazy!!!

This week is SAT testing so the schedule is a bit crazy. Gerri has been spending time with the kindergarten group. Here she is at the sand table - her favorite!

Some samples of her school work!!!

How amazing is this after only 3 weeks!

After school we made a quick run to the library while Ms V was napping

Dan doing an item on his honey do list :)

This is what happens when you put tin foil on the bottom of your oven!!

Here is the new stove tray - if you look closely you will see the new warning on the bottom saying no tin foil!

Once again - caterpillars!!!

Every day has been more and more learning!! Gerri can count to 10 and almost sing her abc's.
She actually stood up in the hot tub yesterday!! Everyone was SO excited!!!
She kept saying look at me! I am so big!
Just waiting on our ortho referral to come through so we can get to the next step!